Center Overview

Mission Statement

Global migration is one of the most important and pervasive societal issues of the 21st Century. While millions of people around the world flee their homes in search of safety, freedom, and economic security, governments and the public actively debate the underlying causes of migration and how to respond effectively to the challenges and opportunities that large-scale population movements present.

A critical area of concern is the immigration and integration of vulnerable migrants, including undocumented immigrants, temporary migrants, persecuted asylum seekers, climate refugees, displaced migrants, detained and deported immigrants, trafficked people, unaccompanied children, and immigrants in dire economic conditions.

The Global Migration Center is a key asset in addressing these issues through a multi-disciplinary approach to better understand vulnerable migrants and developing research-based action for policymakers. 

Our goals are:

  • To produce and disseminate rigorous, relevant, inter- and multi-disciplinary research on the causes and consequences of international migration, immigrant integration, and immigration law and policy with a special focus on vulnerable migrants.
  • To solidify and expand UC Davis’ network of immigration scholars, including faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students, and members of campus-based organizations, becoming a world hub on these themes.
  • To promote cross-disciplinary discussion and translation for social and policy action on immigration.
  • To provide in-depth information and training to community organizations, NGO’s, and policy agencies dealing with vulnerable and economically disadvantaged migrants and their integration, and with the laws and policies governing migration enforcement, detention, and deportation.