Immigration Facts

One crucial problem that distorts and limits a constructive discussion about immigration is the deep lack of knowledge and acknowledgement of the facts, numbers and trends related to the issues.  Many either do not know the facts or choose to ignore the numbers and trends.  

The following series, Immigration Facts, aims to shine a light on one simple statistic in each installment, presenting it cleanly with quality data sources to back it up.  After introducing the fact, two key questions are answered:

  • What are the plausible and important implications of the fact?
  • What does this piece of information mean for policy?

As the collection of these facts grow, it will become an increasingly valuable resource for providing a sound basis for understanding and discussing the issues that surround immigration.  In an effort to maintain the relevancy of this resource, all figures and data will be updated whenever necessary and possible.

The Immigration Facts presented will be relative to immigration to the United States, as well as migration throughout the world.  The purpose of a US focus is to make them useful in US policy discourse, while the global focus will provide framing and perspective to how the US treats immigration relative to other countries.  

Please visit this page often for new facts and updates!