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Una conversación con el migrante, activista y artista Douglas Oviedo sobre su recién publicado drama testimonial Caravaneros

November 10, 2020

Humanizing Deportation presenta una conversación con el migrante, activista y artista Douglas Oviedo sobre su recién publicado drama testimonial Caravaneros, con Debra Castillo (Cornell University) y Julia Medina (University of San Diego), moderada por Robert McKee Irwin (University of California, Davis) y Sarah Ashford Hart (University of California, Davis) el lunes, 30 de Noviembre, a las 2:00pm (hora de California) en Zoom (asistencia abierta por conexión directa: no hay que reservar):

New Migrant Narrative: Criminalization of Childhood Arrivals

October 20, 2020

A new Migrant Narrative by Graduate Student Affiliate Lizbeth de la Cruz and Robert Irwin uses the stories of two victims of deportation to shed light on the issues of migration law on childhood arrivals. The criminalization of undocumented youth through racial profiling and other structural issues often leads to deportation, placing victims in an unfamiliar country away from the life they've built.

Read here.

Research by Giovanni Peri published in Special Edition of Labour Economics

October 19, 2020

Evidence from European elections shows that the skill of immigrants rather than origin helps to drive voter and party attitudes regarding the welfare state. Higher-skilled immigrants cause a higher support among voters for a welfare state while the opposite is true for low-skilled immigrants. This research was published in a special issue of Labour Economics focusing on the economics of migration and features the work of GMC Director Giovanni Peri. 

UCPromISE Applications now Open

September 16, 2020

The UC Collaborative to Promote Immigrant and Student Equity (UC PromISE) is pleased to announce the second call for proposals for UC faculty small research grants.

Caravaneros co-sponsored by Humanizing Deportation

September 16, 2020

Humanizando la Deportación(Humanizing Deportation), a multi-media project by GMC Deputy Director Robert Irwin, is cosponsor of the publication of Caravaneros, a testimonial dramatization of the voyage of the migrant caravan of fall 2018 from San Pedro Sula, Honduras, to the US-Mexico border city of Tijuana by Honduran refugee Douglas Oviedo, who obtained political asylum in the United States last year. The book features an introduction, "La historia insólita de la caravana migrante de 2018 y del hondureño Douglas Oviedo," by Robert McKee Irwin and Aída Silva.

Stacey Fahrenthold awarded Arab American Book Award

September 08, 2020

Stacy D. Fahrenthold's book, Between the Ottomans and the Entente, was awarded an Arab American Book Award by the Arab American National Museum. From the announcement:"Drawing on transnational sources from migrant activists, this wide-ranging work reveals the degree to which Ottoman migrants "became Syrians" while abroad and brought their politics home to the post-Ottoman Middle East."

View the announcement here.

Humanizing Deportation featured by NPR's Outside/In

August 25, 2020

Robert McKee Irwin's Humanizing Deportation project recently provided consulting for National Public Radio "Outside/In" program on "The Darién Gap", a notoriously perilous section of the migrant trail between Colombia and Panamá, where many migrants and asylum seekers pass on their northward journey, in hopes of reaching the US-Mexico border.

"Op-Ed: Want more American jobs? Reopen America to foreign workers" featured in LA Times

August 24, 2020

Despite the Trump Administration's effort to protect American jobs by closing off the United States to foreign workers, economic research shows foreign workers of all skill levels to be drivers of the U.S. economy. A new LA Times op-ed by Giovanni Peri and Chad Sparber was released today and cites multiple studies that show the importance of foreign-born workers as drivers of the U.S. economy, a counterpoint to the Trump Administration's efforts to halt the influx of foreign workers in April and June. 

Stacy Fahrenthold appointed co-editor for Mashriq & Mahjar

August 20, 2020

GMC Affiliate Stacy Fahrenthold was recently appointed co-editor of Mashriq & Mahjar: Journal of Middle East and North African Migration Studies. From the announcement:

Fahrenthold’s research blends migration and borderlands approaches to social history, drawing on informal archives to critique the production of place-based histories...Fahrenthold brings to the journal her wide-ranging and highly-regarded scholarship, editorial experience, and innovative ideas.

Philip Martin and Daniel Costa featured in the New York Times

August 20, 2020

GMC Affiliate Philip Martin and visiting scholar Daniel Costa's commentary on the impact of H-2A visas were both recently cited in an article, "The Scramble to Pluck 24 Billion Cherries in Eight Weeks", detailing the conditions faced by seasonal workers amid the pandemic. 

Read the full article here.

New Visiting Scholar

August 20, 2020

We are excited to welcome a new visiting scholar for the academic year 2020-2021. Daniel Costa is an attorney and the Director of Immigration Law and Policy Research at the Economic Policy Institute(EPI). Costa’s areas of research include a wide range of labor migration issues, including governance of temporary labor migration programs, both high- and less-skilled migration, worksite enforcement, and immigrant workers’ rights, as well as farm labor, global multilateral processes related to migration, and refugee and asylum issues. 

New Paper by Caitlin Patler published in Sociological Perspectives

July 27, 2020

Executive Committee member Caitlin Patler and UCI PhD candidate Gabriela Gonzalez published a new paper, "The Educational Consequences of Parental Immigration Detention", in Sociological Perspectives demonstrating the deleterious educational consequences of parental immigration detention. The paper is based on 104 multigenerational and multi-perspective interviews with detained immigrants, their spouses, and the young children they share.

Read the paper here.

Raquel Aldana featured in ImmigrationProf

July 17, 2020

In a post on ImmigrationProf, featured GMC affiliate Raquel Aldana of the UC Davis School of Law details the recent attempts by the Trump administration to dismantle the methods of litigation being used to protect asylum laws in the United States.

Read the full feature on ImmigrationProf here.

Giovanni Peri featured in BBC Mundo

July 13, 2020

GMC Director Giovanni Peri was recently interviewed by BBC Mundo as part of an article discussing the impact of Mexican workers on the U.S. economy. 

Read the article(In Spanish) here.