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Humanizing Deportation featured in the Oxford Research Encyclopedia

July 02, 2020

A new publication on the Humanizing Deportation project by Robert Irwin was recently published in the Oxford Research Encyclopedia on Latin American History. The publication focuses on the origins and execution of the project itself: the largest qualitative archive of its kind on the topic of deportation and its effects on migrant communities.

Robert Irwin featured in Milenio and Alianzatex

June 27, 2020

GMC Deputy Director Robert Irwin's research in conjunction with El Colegio del Frontera Norte on the impact of COVID-19 on migrant populations in Tijuana was featured recently in two Mexican newspapers, Milenio and Alianzatex. 

Read the Milenio article(in Spanish) here.

Read the Alianzatex article(in Spanish) here.

New Post on ImmigrationProf by Kevin R. Johnson

June 26, 2020

GMC Affiliate Kevin R. Johnson has recently published an entry on the blog ImmigrationProf detailing the specifics of immigration-based Supreme Court decisions and upcoming cases in 2019 and 2020. 

Read the full post here:

New Article by Robert Irwin published by El Colegio De La Frontera Norte

June 19, 2020

An article by GMC Deputy Director Robert Irwin and Juan Antonio Del Monte was published recently as part of El Colegio De La Frontera Norte's Documentos de la Contingencia series, a set of interdisciplinary articles detailing the various impacts of the current COVID-19 Pandemic on migrants. The article details the impacts of sanitary measures on migrants in Tijuana and outlines suggested plans of action to help combat problems with sanitation, logistics, and legislation.

Op-Ed by Caitlin Patler and Erin Hamilton featured in CalMatters

June 19, 2020

An op-ed by GMC Executive Committee member Caitlin Patler and GMC affiliate Erin Hamilton on the future of the DACA program following the recent Supreme Court decision was featured today in CalMatters. Although DACA is saved for now, the program remains at risk of being dismantled by the Trump administration, with over seven hundred thousand DACA recipients at risk of deportation despite many of them fulfilling essential roles in the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic.  

New IZA Discussion Paper by Giovanni Peri, Massimo Anelli, Gaetano Basso and Giuseppe Ippedico

June 19, 2020

New research by GMC Executive Director Giovanni Peri and UC Davis past and current graduate students Massimo Anelli, Gaetano Basso and Giuseppe Ippedico shows that emigration deprives countries of origin of entrepreneurs and hence of the ability of creating new firms. Using recent data on a large wave of emigration from Italy, the authors show that this has reduced firm creation and innovative start up in areas where many people departed.

Read the entire paper here.

"Proposition 187 and Its Political Aftermath: Lessons for U.S. Immigration Politics After Trump" by Kevin Johnson published in UC Davis Law Review

June 15, 2020

GMC Affiliate Kevin R. Johnson recently published an article in the UC Davis Law Review titled, "Proposition 187 and Its Political Aftermath: Lessons for U.S. Immigration Politics After Trump". The article outlines the evolution of immigration politics in California, specifically noting that the passing but failed implementation of 1994's Proposition 187 as having a significant impact on Latinx political participation and therefore the immigration politics of the state. Lessons from the legacy of Prop.

The Economics of Migration Seminar Series

May 31, 2020

The Economics of Migration seminar series features regular presentations on the latest research in migration economics by prominent researchers and Ph.D candidates, all from a variety of institutions. 

The Global Migration Center is proud to be sponsoring The Economics of Migration seminar series as a joint venture with CERDI, PSE, LISER, the University of Luxembourg, Universidad Carlos III, CEPII, the IC Migrations, and the Development Research Group of the World Bank. 

Call for Proposals Addressing COVID-19

May 18, 2020

The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) through the Scientific Research Coordination (CIC), the Liaison and Technology Transfer Coordination (CVTT) and the University of California (UC) through Alianza UCMX in collaboration with the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, announce a Special Call For Binational Collaborative Projects Addressing COVID-19. Awards are up to $10,000 for the first stage and $20,000 for the second. Proposals are due May 30th with areas of priority in the fields of Medicine and Public Health; Epidemiology; and Sociology and Economics. 

Giovanni Peri cited by Forbes

May 14, 2020

GMC Director Giovanni Peri's research was recently featured in a Forbes article on the potential halt to H1-B visas and their affect on U.S. job growth.

Read the article here.

GMC Affiliate Jeanette Money Featured in IGCC Newsletter

May 07, 2020

GMC Affiliate Jeanette Money was interviewed for UCSD's Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation e-newsletter. In the interview, Professor Money discusses her latest book, Migration Crises and the Structure of International Cooperation, the research behind it, and her upcoming projects. 

Read the full interview here.

New Paper published in Social Problems by GMC Faculty

May 04, 2020

Global Migration Center faculty Erin Hamilton, Caitlin Patler, and Robin Savinar have a new paper in Social Problems, one of Sociology's top journals: "Transition into Liminal Legality: DACA's Mixed Impacts on Education and Employment among Young Adult Immigrants in California."