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Giovanni Peri and Reem Zaiour for Econofact and Marketwatch

A new memo by GMC Director Giovanni Peri and GMC Graduate Student Affiliate Reem Zaiour notes the effect of travel restrictions related to the COVID-19 Pandemic on immigrant arrivals in the United States. The data suggests that there has been two million fewer migrants than expected based on previous trends, where one million of those would have been college educated. This drop in foreign labor supply evidently seems to be a contributor of the current job shortage and could remain as an impediment as employment recovery as the economy heats up.

Giovanni Peri and Coauthors Publish in Oxford Academic's Economic Journal

GMC Director Giovanni Peri and coauthors published a paper titled "Dynamic Effects of Co-Ethnic Networks on Immigrants' Economic Success". They find that immigrants who go to areas with larger co-ethnic networks have a higher probability of finding quick employment than those who do not. However, this advantage seems to last for only four years.

To find out why the advantage fades and for the rest of the article, click here.

Brad Jones for KVOA and Nogales International

GMC Affiliate Brad Jones was recently interviewed by both Arizona-based radio station KVOA and newspaper Nogales International, giving his insights into the rising death rates of migrants in their attempts to cross the border. Jones cites U.S. immigration policy, climate change, and militarization along the border as contributing forces in migrant mortality.

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Winter Quarter 2022 Events

The Winter Quarter 2022 events series has been announced! To see the list of events, visit the "Events" tab on our webpage or download the poster of the events here.

GMC Deputy Director Robert Irwin participates in Collaborative Online International Learning initiative in undergraduate education with Universidad Autónoma de Baja California (UABC), Mexicali

During fall quarter 2021, working with colleagues from UABC Mexicali, Irwin cotaught a highly interactive undergraduate seminar: "Gender and Migration in the Border Cities Mexicali and Tijuana," engaging a group of 21 students (6 from UC Davis, 15 from UABC Mexicali) studying across the fields of Spanish, Economics and International Relations. The course culminated in group projects in which transnational teams of students designed materials to assist migrants in border cities of Baja California. The project was recently featured in the campus publication Gaceta UABC.

Giovanni Peri and coauthors publish in the American Economic Association

A recent publication by GMC Director Giovanni Peri with coauthors Anna Maria Mayda and Walter Steingress was featured in American Economic Journal: Applied Economics. From the abstract: "Our main contribution is to show that an increase in high-skilled immigrants decreases the share of Republican votes, while an inflow of low-skilled immigrants increases it. These effects are mainly due to the indirect impact on existing citizens' votes, and this is independent of the origin country and race of immigrants.

Caitlin Patler and Coauthors for Springer Nature

GMC affiliate Caitlin Patler and coauthors' research "Cumulative Risk of Immigration Prison Conditions on Health Outcomes Among Detained Immigrants in California" was published in Springer Nature earlier this week. Using data for detained Californian immigrants who have been subjected to various levels of confinement, Patler and co. find that each additional confinement condition increases the probability of diminished general health by 39%. 

Erin Hamilton, Caitlin Patler, and Robin Savinar publish in Springer Nature

GMC affiliates Erin Hamilton, Caitlin Patler, and Robin Savinar saw their work on the relationship between legal status and health outcomes for 1st and 1.5 generation immigrants published in Springer Nature. Their research demonstrates that legal status disparities in heart disease exist for first generation immigrants and for high blood pressure and diabetes in the 1.5 generation.

UC Davis Students help Afghan Refugees Navigate Life in Sacramento

We would like to highlight the involvement of GMC Affiliate Patrick Marius Koga in Refugee Interprofessional Community Engagement (RICE), a program in collaboration with University of the Pacific and nonprofit Opening Doors that's assisting Afghan refugees in Sacramento to adjust to their new lives. Among the volunteers are medical students from the UC Davis School of Medicine and undergraduate language interpreters from UC Davis.

Giovanni Peri and Coauthors publish in the European Economic Review

The article by GMC Director Giovanni Peri and coauthors, published in the European Economic Review, analyzes the impact of local immigration on natives’ preferences for “nationalism” as captured by parties’ programs in European election data between 2007 and 2016. They estimate that larger inflows of highly-educated immigrants were associated with a decrease in the “nationalistic” vote of natives, while less-educated immigrants produced an opposite-direction shift towards nationalistic parties.

Brad Jones for ABC News

GMC Affiliate Brad Jones' commentary on the impact of Title 42 expulsions and their relation to the uptick in migrant deaths was featured by ABC News. 

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Giovanni Peri for Bloomberg

Global Migration Center Director Giovanni Peri was featured in a Bloomberg article discussing the recent decline in the number of immigrants with H1-B Visas. Peri suggests that a general shift towards remote work may prevent the number of H1-B visas from ever reaching previous levels in the mid 2010s.  

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