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Lawyers In LA Prepare For ‘Remain In Mexico’ Asylum Seekers As They Wait For Biden To End Trump-Era Program

GMC affiliate, Kevin Johnson, was featured for the LAist. In this feature, Johnson detailed possibilities on why the Biden administration may not be acting as quickly as they can in the finals of the 'Remain in Mexico' program. For instance, the Biden administration may be acting out of cautiousness in addition to a political timing issue. 

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A shortfall in immigration has become an economic problem for America

The research of GMC Director, Giovanni Peri, and GMC affiliate, Reem Zaiour was featured in The Economist. Their research pertains to the decline of immigration during Trump's administration. This article discusses the current work force shortage which in turn correlates with the economic difficulties faced in America today, which are caused by the actions to reduce immigration. They have discovered that about ten to fifteen percent of job openings, that typically employ immigrant or foreign-born workers, are still vacant. 

Something to Build On

GMC Director Giovanni Peri, was featured on Boss Magazine. This article elaborates on the correlation of immigration and construction; the outcomes and effects of productivity, capacity, and efficiency. Peri found that “… when immigrants stepped into the jobs people born in the U.S. no longer would perform, it allowed those U.S.-born workers to take jobs with higher pay and more benefits.”

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La mexicana deportada que da "comida calientita" a migrantes en la frontera

GMC affiliate, Robert Irwin, was mentioned in a Spanish language press story in the Mexican agency EFE. Irwin's project, Humanizing Deportation, has been a major sponsor in the Tijuana based community activist Esther Morales's Comida Calientita project. Morales's projects centers on delivering hot meals to migrant shelters and accounts the support of UCD graduate student and GMC affiliate Brooke Kipling and Lucas Ruppel. 

Taming Immigration Trauma

GMC Affiliate, Raquel E. Aldana, made a publication in Cardozo Law Review. This article talks about the United States' borders and its enforcement. Stating that the United States can be more humane and elaborating on two principles; the extent of the border's impact and human trauma, to serve as a guide. 

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Call for Papers: 15th Migration and Development Conference

The location of the event is at Nova SBE, Carcavelos Campus, Lisbon, Portugal. The conference is devoted to investigating ways in which international migration affects economic and social change in developing countries. Possible topics include the effects of migration on poverty, inequality, and human capital formation; social networks and migration; migration and globalization; migration and institutional / technological / demographic / cultural change in sending countries, today and in the past.

Dates: September 15 and 16, 2022

Job Posting: Internship Call for Franciscans International

Franciscans International is an international non-governmental human rights organization. This can be of great interest to undergrads, especially those who just graduated. This organization also coordinates as a voice at the United Nations. 

Internship is for the Fall of 2022.

Amount of funding: 700 USD per month (if full time). 

Apply by August 1, 2022. 

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