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RN Breakfast

Brad Jones appeared live on ABC broadcasting's (Australia) national program, ABC Radio National Breakfast, discussing immigration, the midterm elections. and migrant deaths in Arizona. The interview can be heard at around the 1:31:20 mark.  Hear more here

Long-term political consequences of immigration: Voting preferences of immigrants’ children in European countries

GMC director Giovanni Peri and co-authors Riccardo Turati and Simone Moriconi wrote for the column on VoxEu. In this feature, they write about right-wing populism all across Europe, which support is contributed from the immigration influx which raises nativist worry for economic, cultural, fiscal concerns. Further, elaborating on how immigrants can influence politic topics.

U.S. Citizen Children De Facto Deported to Mexico

Erin Hamilton a GMC Affiliate, Claudia Masferrer (El Colegio de México) and Paola Langer a GMC grad affiliate, have been published in Population and Development Review for their work on the de facto deportation of U.S. citizen children. This paper elaborates on the effects that deportation has not only on the deportee but the deportee's family as well. This correlates to the idea of de facto deported which means that the children of the deportee had to emigrate from the US, being US citizens, in order to have what is called family reorganizing, to have the family stay together.

Biden Administration Haiti Deportation Policy on Shaky Ground

Jeffery Kahn a GMC affiliate, wrote for Just Security discussing matters pertaining to the Biden administration and Haitian deportation. Kahn mentions how US officials want to deport Haitian citizens to a very chaotic and extremely dangerous environment, to the point where it should be considered 'a moral failure', as well as that it has some legality consequences. Kahn also talks about how “Haitians have long fared poorly when it comes to asylum in the United States”.

Award: Brad Jones on Humane Borders

In October, Brad Jones was appointed to the Board of Directors for the humanitarian group Humane Borders. Humane Borders works on the issue of migrant deaths on the Arizona/Mexican border. In addition to being on the Board, Jones is also Humane Borders' Media Liaison and a regular volunteer driver in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.  More about it here

When the End is the Beginning: The Effect of Criminal Infractions and Post-Deportation Outcomes on Perceived Fairness and Blame Attribution in Deportation Cases

On October 29, Brad Jones presented some work on deportation policy at the New York Area Political Psychology Meeting. His paper, entitled “When the End is the Beginning: The Effect of Criminal Infractions and Post-Deportation Outcomes on Perceived Fairness and Blame Attribution in Deportation Cases.” This paper takes a look at how narratives about deportation affect people's willingness to support or oppose deportation.  Read more here

SPECIAL REPORT: Tracking every migrant death in Yuma County

Bradford Jones, a GMC affiliate was on YUMA, AZ television station KECY/KYMA. Jones discusses migrant deaths in the Yuma Border Sector. In regard to Title 42, Jones states, “But for some migrants, from certain countries like Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, and recently Venezuela, Title 42 means immediate deportation if apprehended by Border Patrol.”

The video can be found here.

Jobs report shows economy, employment market cooling as questions of recession remain

GMC director, Giovanni Peri, was interviewed on PBS KVIE. The interview is in regard to the job gaps that the economy has been seeing and has been affected by today. Peri mentions since the late 2019, the US has seen fewer immigrants. According to Peri “… their population in working age and contribution to employment has essentially stagnated for two years.” 

Read more here.

US Immigration Rebounds But Remains Far From Plugging Labor Gaps

GMC director, Giovanni Peri, and GMC affiliate Reem Zaiour's work was featured on Bloomberg. There is a gap in immigration that correlates to COVID-19. What the US now sees from this period is that “about 1.7 million fewer working-age immigrants [are] living in the US than there would have been if immigration had continued at its pre-2020 pace.” 

Read more here. 

Fall Quarter 2022 Events

We are happy to announce the Fall Quarter 2022 events. To see the list of events, visit the "Events" tab on our webpage or download the poster of the events.

Latitudes: When It Comes to Retaining International Graduates, America Has a Leaky Pipeline

GMC director Giovanni Peri, and his paper “International College Students' Impact on the U.S. Skilled Labor Supply” was quoted in The Chronicle of Higher Education. This was in regard to the difficulty that graduates face in finding a career in the United States.  Peri mentions that immigrant-friendly polices such as green cards can help retain and or attract graduates that then could have an effect on local economies.