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Nonprofits in Tucson are preparing for the end of Title 42, as a new wave of migrants are expected to seek asylum in Pima County

GMC Affiliate Brad Jones was interviewed on KOLD news in Tucson, Arizona about the ending of Title 42. He added, “The ones here in Tucson and the ones up in Phoenix are going to get hit hard. They’re going to need volunteers, they’re going to need volunteers who can speak Spanish, but even more than that what we will see is an increase in traffic in asylum seekers all around the world.”

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Immigration policies don’t deter migrants from coming to the US- Title 42 and the border rules replacing it only make the process longer and more difficult

GMC Deputy Director Robert McKee Irwin has published “Immigration Policies Don’t Deter Migrants from Coming to the US - Title 42 and the Border Rules Replacing It Only Make the Process Longer and More Difficult,” his take on the expiration of the Title 42 border closure and the asylum policies that are being implemented to replace it, in The Conversation.

How will the lifting of Title 42 impact New Mexico?

GMC Affiliate Brad Jones on May 10th was interviewed in the Albuquerque Journal. This interview is about the ending of Title 42. Jones explained, “I think all points on the border are going to be really overwhelmed with the asylum seekers who are fleeing really desperate situations. I do think New Mexico will be highly impacted,” and “The fact that El Paso is really stressed beyond capacity, I think it’s a very reasonable expectation that migrants will attempt crossing at the border in New Mexico.”