News Mentions/Interviews

Brad Jones for KVOA and Nogales International

GMC Affiliate Brad Jones was recently interviewed by both Arizona-based radio station KVOA and newspaper Nogales International, giving his insights into the rising death rates of migrants in their attempts to cross the border. Jones cites U.S. immigration policy, climate change, and militarization along the border as contributing forces in migrant mortality.

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GMC Deputy Director Robert Irwin participates in Collaborative Online International Learning initiative in undergraduate education with Universidad Autónoma de Baja California (UABC), Mexicali

During fall quarter 2021, working with colleagues from UABC Mexicali, Irwin cotaught a highly interactive undergraduate seminar: "Gender and Migration in the Border Cities Mexicali and Tijuana," engaging a group of 21 students (6 from UC Davis, 15 from UABC Mexicali) studying across the fields of Spanish, Economics and International Relations. The course culminated in group projects in which transnational teams of students designed materials to assist migrants in border cities of Baja California. The project was recently featured in the campus publication Gaceta UABC.

Brad Jones for ABC News

GMC Affiliate Brad Jones' commentary on the impact of Title 42 expulsions and their relation to the uptick in migrant deaths was featured by ABC News. 

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Giovanni Peri for Bloomberg

Global Migration Center Director Giovanni Peri was featured in a Bloomberg article discussing the recent decline in the number of immigrants with H1-B Visas. Peri suggests that a general shift towards remote work may prevent the number of H1-B visas from ever reaching previous levels in the mid 2010s.  

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J. Edward Taylor for the LA Times

GMC Affiliate J. Edward Taylor's research and commentary on the link between migration and heat was featured in a recent LA Times article on the impact of hotter and drier summers on West Coast migrant workers.

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Robert McKee Irwin featured on The Stream (Al Jazeera English)

Robert McKee Irwin appeared on Nov. 16 on The Stream (Al Jazeera English) on an episode titled "Why are migrants isking it all to cross the Darien Gap?" in which he commented on the dangers faced by growing numbers of migrants who cross a treacherous stretch of jungle between Colombia and Panamá on their way to the US Mexico border, based on testimonial narratives published on the Humanizing Deportation website.

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Kevin Johnson for the Sacramento Bee

GMC Affiliate Kevin Johnson was asked to comment about the recent surge of immigrants trying to cross the US-Mexico Border. Johnson asserts that the current labor shortage in California could be the main driver of the influx of immigrants.

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Publication by Giovanni Peri and Gaetano Basso Featured by the White House

GMC Director Giovanni Peri and affiliate Gaetano Basso had their publication featured in a White House article detailing the benefits of extending permanent legal status to unauthorized immigrants. Peri and Basso discovered that immigrants in the United States have a higher mobility response to local economic conditions than natives. This, as the White House argues, could contribute to increases in productivity of local economies.