News Mentions/Interviews

Publication by Giovanni Peri and Gaetano Basso Featured by the White House

GMC Director Giovanni Peri and affiliate Gaetano Basso had their publication featured in a White House article detailing the benefits of extending permanent legal status to unauthorized immigrants. Peri and Basso discovered that immigrants in the United States have a higher mobility response to local economic conditions than natives. This, as the White House argues, could contribute to increases in productivity of local economies. 

Kevin Johnson featured in the San Francisco Chronicle

GMC affiliate Kevin Johnson was featured in a San Francisco Chronicle article which discusses the Biden administration's initiative to replace "alien" with "non-citizen" and components of the new border policy. Johnson is observed supporting the change in verbiage, pointing out that "alien" implies something which is not human and thus not entitled to human rights. The change in verbiage is the preliminary step in ensuring the fair treatment of migrants.

Brad Jones for Lifegate Italy

GMC Affiliate Brad Jones' news mentions about migrant deaths in Arizona continue to proliferate. This time he finds his comments on the situation featured in Lifegate Italy. For our readers who are fluent or aspire fluency in the Italian language, we encourage you to give it a read! 

Click here for the original article.

Research by Justin Wiltshire Referenced in Testimony This Week Before the US Congressional Joint Economic Committee

Wiltshire's Paper "Walmart Supercenters and Monopsony Power: How a Large, Low-Wage Employer Impacts Local Labor Markets" was mentioned in a testimony by Kate Bahn before the US Congressional Joint Economic Committee last Wednesday. Wiltshire's research was used in the testimony as evidence of how large employers enjoy a greater degree of liberty in setting wages in rural, low-density areas. 

Brad Jones for BBC, Spectrum News 1, Telemundo Arizona, and KTAR News

Brad Jones was interviewed by a plethora of news outlets to discuss the historically deadly month of June for migrants in Arizona. Though June had a markedly high number of deaths for migrants, Jones suggest that the trends for June may not be anomalous: the coming summer months could prove to be equally fatal.

To hear Jones talk about the deaths of migrants in June and possible implications, find the links to the news outlets below.

BBC (minute 49:20)

Brad Jones for AZ Central

GMC Affiliate Brad Jones' commentary on Border Patrol prevention by deterrence policies was featured as part of an AZ Central article on the effect of record heat on migration deterrence policy and its alternatives.

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Daniel Costa for Yubanet

GMC Visiting Scholar Daniel Costa was recently featured as a guest writer for YubaNet, giving his commentary on a Supreme Court order that makes it more difficult for farmworkers to unionize. 

To understand his stance in full, click here,

Raquel Aldana for ImmigrationProf Blog

GMC Affiliate Raquel Aldana was recently featured on ImmigrationProf giving her commentary on US immigration policies amid the backdrop of her experiences providing legal orientation to asylum seekers at the border.

To read her entire analysis, click here.

Giovanni Peri for the LA Times

recent study by GMC Director Giovanni Peri and GMC Graduate Student Affiliate Reem Zaiour that notes the economic effects of four different scenarios for the legalization of undocumented migrants was featured as part of an LA Times Op-Ed arguing for the halting of deportations and the opening of pathways to citizenship.

Bradford Jones for the Marshall Project

GMC Affiliate Bradford Jones' commentary on Title 42 was featured in an article by The Marshall Project. Jones notes that Title 42 is part of a series of policy measures that lead to more death and harm to those crossing the border by creating incentive to cross. Title 42 allows for the immediate deportation of individuals without prior screening for potential asylum protection, leading more people to attempt to cross the border and risk their lives.

Robert McKee Irwin for Instick

In an article for Inksick Media, GMC Deputy Director Robert McKee Irwin points to the large backlog of migrants waiting to cross the US-Mexico border, and the low success rate of asylum applications initiated from migrants arriving there, many of whom do not realize that US asylum law was not designed to be a remedy for poverty, unemployment, climate disaster, domestic violence, or public health emergency. Stories of migrants from the Humanizing Deportation archive help to illustrate the predicament. 

Kevin Johnson featured by UC Davis

GMC Affiliate Kevin Johnson of UC Davis Law School was featured in a recent UC Davis press release as one of the heads of the Next Generation Campus Safety Task Force. The group's purpose is to "discuss and assess how the university’s Police Department should evolve to look, operate and engage on both the Davis and Sacramento campuses" and will deliver its final report later this month. 

To read the full UC Davis article about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, click here.

Giovanni Peri for Ask an Expert by UC Davis Research

GMC Director Giovanni Peri was featured in a recent installment of UC Davis Research's Ask an Expert series. In a series of four videos, Professor Peri explains the impact of immigration on the US economy and the current state of immigration in the United States. 

Click here to find the playlist of these four videos.