News Mentions/Interviews

Latitudes: When It Comes to Retaining International Graduates, America Has a Leaky Pipeline

GMC director Giovanni Peri, and his paper “International College Students' Impact on the U.S. Skilled Labor Supply” was quoted in The Chronicle of Higher Education. This was in regard to the difficulty that graduates face in finding a career in the United States.  Peri mentions that immigrant-friendly polices such as green cards can help retain and or attract graduates that then could have an effect on local economies. 

Slow Economy Needs More Immigrants

GMC director Giovanni Peri, was featured on Tennessee Tribune. In this feature, Peri states, 'Since the middle of 2019 to the end of 2021, there has been essentially zero net immigration into the U.S.' It is later detailed how many and who are the immigrants that 'we are missing.'

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DHS Memo

On August 24, the Biden Administration issued a final rule on the DACA program, which will take effect on October 31, with the goal to "preserve and fortify" the DACA program. The administration's memorandum about the rule includes citations to academic research on DACA, including work by UC Davis Sociology professors and GMC affiliates, Erin Hamilton and Caitlin Patler.