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Is it time to take another look at legal immigration?

GMC affiliate Daniel Costa on MarketWatch/ Dow Jones podcast, “Best New Ideas in Money,” the topic is legal immigration. Costa in regard to the perspective that immigrants only contribute to the economy states also how, “they also contribute socially and culturally. And then the whole other very important component of the immigration system that we haven't talked about is the humanitarian system, the asylum system and refugee system, those two pathways with which migrants can come into the United States.”

A seemingly surprising factor in inflation? Immigration

GMC affiliate Daniel Costa on NPR Morning Edition on immigration and inflation. Immigration lately has been seeing a decline which has contributed effects to the economy and why there is a dire need to fill a significant amount of jobs currently. Costa states that “… ending Title 42 would be the right thing to do morally and legally. And the United States should fulfill its humanitarian obligations and let more people in and let them be processed the way the way we're supposed to.”

'A Failed and Broken System.' Tech Layoffs Set the Clock Ticking for Foreign Workers

GMC external affiliate Chad Sparber appeared on Time in regard to the losses of jobs that foreign born workers are facing, specifically in the tech industry after the H-1B work visas expired. This type of visa requires that workers rely heavily on their employer therefore Sparber states, “It’s a recipe for exploitation.” as the worker is unable to advance their talents elsewhere. It also allows for companies to underpay their workers which is why Sparber calls to reforms these visas. 

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The U.S. population is finally growing again—but not because Americans are having more kids

GMC director Giovanni Peri was featured on Fortune, in regard to international immigration to the United States as a significant factor for population growth in 2022. Peri states a positive immigration flow would help “reduce population decline, keep the size of the labor force from shrinking, improve age dependency ratios, and produce positive fiscal gains.”

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