Errante: Imaginarios migrantes en primera persona

GMC Deputy Director Robert McKee Irwin and Ana Luisa Calvillo Vázquez’s, “Narrativas digitales con migrantes en situación de calle: reflexiones metodológicas” in Arlet Rodríguez Orozco and Sergio Prieto Díaz, Coords. Errante: Imaginarios migrantes en primera persona (Mexico City: Centro de Investigación e Integración Transdisciplinar en Ciencia y Arte, 2024), pp. 68-91.

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Humanizando la deportación. Narrativas digitales desde las calles de Tijuana

GMC Deputy Director, Robert McKee Irwin has just returned from the Feria Internacional del Libro in Guadalajara, where he and Víctor Espinioza, the President of El Colegio de la Frontera Norte (COLEF) presented the just published book Humanizando la deportaciión: narrativas digitales desde las calles de Tijuana, which Irwin coedited with the late Guillermo Alonso Meneses, also of el COLEF.

Changes in international immigration and internal native mobility after COVID-19 in the USA

GMC Director Giovanni Peri and GMC graduate student affiliate Reem Zaiour's co-authored article "Changes in international immigration and internal native mobility after COVID-19 in the USA" was published in the Journal of Population Economics. 

The article found no significant link between post-pandemic decreased immigration and internal native mobility in the United States. 

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Request for Articles - The Deportation System and Its Aftermath

GMC Faculty Affiliates Caitlin Patler and Brad Jones are co-editing a special issue of RSF: Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences, “The Deportation System and its Aftermath.” From the introduction, “The overarching objective for the issue is to publish outstanding new studies that further the theorization and documentation of the direct and indirect impacts of the deportation system and its aftermath.”

Emigration and Entrepreneurial Drain

GMC Director Giovanni Peri and co-authors and GMC affiliates Massimo Anelli, Gaetano Basso, and Giuseppe Ippedico's paper was published in the American Economic Journal: Applied Economics. This paper shows the loss of entrepreneurship in Italy because of young, college-educated individuals' emigration after the 2010 recession. Read more here