Kevin Johnson and Gabriel (Jack) Chin Recognized for being two of the Most-Cited Immigration Law Faculty Members

Last week, Kevin Johnson was recognized as the most-cited immigration law professor in the United States during the period of 2016-2020. Kevin Johnson has had an impressive 560 citations in the past 5 years. 

Gabriel (Jack) Chin is also recognized on this list with 520 citations, though he is considered to only partially work in immigration law. Their 

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Our Migration History Project

On the 25th of this month, GMC program director Linn Normand and colleagues will be giving a presentation about their project titled "Our Migration History". To get an understanding of the goals of the project before attending, we encourage you to watch an animated short that describes their research.  You can find it by clicking the link below.

Our Migration History Video

Una conversación con el migrante, activista y artista Douglas Oviedo sobre su recién publicado drama testimonial Caravaneros

Humanizing Deportation presenta una conversación con el migrante, activista y artista Douglas Oviedo sobre su recién publicado drama testimonial Caravaneros, con Debra Castillo (Cornell University) y Julia Medina (University of San Diego), moderada por Robert McKee Irwin (University of California, Davis) y Sarah Ashford Hart (University of California, Davis) el lunes, 30 de Noviembre, a las 2:00pm (hora de California) en Zoom (asistencia abierta por conexión directa: no hay que reservar):

The Economics of Migration Seminar Series

The Economics of Migration seminar series features regular presentations on the latest research in migration economics by prominent researchers and Ph.D candidates, all from a variety of institutions. 

The Global Migration Center is proud to be sponsoring The Economics of Migration seminar series as a joint venture with CERDI, PSE, LISER, the University of Luxembourg, Universidad Carlos III, CEPII, the IC Migrations, and the Development Research Group of the World Bank. 

Policy Briefs and Reports:"COVID-19 and Migrant Vulnerability in Tijuana: A Looming Crisis"

The first in our new series, "Policy Briefs and Reports" focuses on the work of GMC affiliate Robert Irwin and Juan Antonio Del Monte from El Colegio de la Frontera Norte on the impact of COVID-19 on immigrants in Tijuana. Specifically, the public health risks of limited health and medical supplies among migrants in Tijuana, with the potential for an especially devastating impact.

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New Series: "Policy Briefs and Reports"

We are excited to announce our new series, "Policy Briefs and Reports". This series is focused on informing policy-makers with key facts and evidence from a variety of disciplines. Each piece is authored by academics affiliated with the Global Migration Center. There is a specific focus on immigration into the United States and California, but there will also be pieces relative to immigrants in other countries as well. 

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