Migration Dialogue

“Migration Dialogues”: An initiative of Alianza UCMX and UC Davis Global Migration Center

“Migration Dialogues”: An initiative of Alianza UCMX and UC Davis Global Migration Center

Academic Year 2021-2022


What are Migration Dialogues?

The Mexico-US migration corridor is the most important in the world for the number of people and the intensity of the link it generates between these two economies, societies and populations. With economic growth and demographic transition in Mexico, and large diaspora of Mexicans in the US,  the dynamics of migration are changing. A decline in the inflow of Mexicans and a significant flow of returning Mexicans have emerged as new trends since the late 2000’s. At the same time, the US-Mexico border has been a place of volatile situations and complex dynamics. This series of dialogues will bring to the table prominent academic scholars from top US and Mexican institutions, to tackle some of the current themes of the US-Mexico Migration in Panel discussions and Webinars.


Why Dialogues?

Several policies, such as regularization, working program, enforcement and full access to citizenship, may affect the US economically, politically, and in many other aspects of its society. We need to know better the facts and reality of immigrants to understand the impact of policies. The conversations will bring the research perspective to inform the policy proposals. Each event will feature a webinar with a panel of presenters who will then reply to questions of a group of experts and a broader audience.


The Series

We are planning three of them in 2021-22 focusing on three crucial aspects of US-Mexico migration: 

(i) the legal aspects of immigration and border issues (November 18, 2021)

(ii) the economics of Mexico-US migrations (Winter 2022)

(iii) the health and family issues related to migration (Spring 2022)

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