Giovanni Peri and Coauthors Publish in Oxford Academic's Economic Journal

GMC Director Giovanni Peri and coauthors published a paper titled "Dynamic Effects of Co-Ethnic Networks on Immigrants' Economic Success". They find that immigrants who go to areas with larger co-ethnic networks have a higher probability of finding quick employment than those who do not. However, this advantage seems to last for only four years.

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Giovanni Peri and coauthors publish in the American Economic Association

A recent publication by GMC Director Giovanni Peri with coauthors Anna Maria Mayda and Walter Steingress was featured in American Economic Journal: Applied Economics. From the abstract: "Our main contribution is to show that an increase in high-skilled immigrants decreases the share of Republican votes, while an inflow of low-skilled immigrants increases it. These effects are mainly due to the indirect impact on existing citizens' votes, and this is independent of the origin country and race of immigrants.

Caitlin Patler and Coauthors for Springer Nature

GMC affiliate Caitlin Patler and coauthors' research "Cumulative Risk of Immigration Prison Conditions on Health Outcomes Among Detained Immigrants in California" was published in Springer Nature earlier this week. Using data for detained Californian immigrants who have been subjected to various levels of confinement, Patler and co. find that each additional confinement condition increases the probability of diminished general health by 39%. 

Erin Hamilton, Caitlin Patler, and Robin Savinar publish in Springer Nature

GMC affiliates Erin Hamilton, Caitlin Patler, and Robin Savinar saw their work on the relationship between legal status and health outcomes for 1st and 1.5 generation immigrants published in Springer Nature. Their research demonstrates that legal status disparities in heart disease exist for first generation immigrants and for high blood pressure and diabetes in the 1.5 generation.

Giovanni Peri and Coauthors publish in the European Economic Review

The article by GMC Director Giovanni Peri and coauthors, published in the European Economic Review, analyzes the impact of local immigration on natives’ preferences for “nationalism” as captured by parties’ programs in European election data between 2007 and 2016. They estimate that larger inflows of highly-educated immigrants were associated with a decrease in the “nationalistic” vote of natives, while less-educated immigrants produced an opposite-direction shift towards nationalistic parties.

Giovanni Peri and Coauthors Publish in the Journal of Economic Geography

GMC Director Giovanni Peri with co-authors Valentina Bosetti and Cristina Cattaneo have published an article in a special climate change edition of the Journal of Economic Geography. The article discusses the rise of local conflicts with rising temperatures and notes that emigration can function as an "escape valve" for local tensions, finding no evidence for an increased probability of conflict in receiving countries while decreasing the probability in sending countries.

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New Migrant Narrative by Robert McKee Irwin

"Bringing Deported Migrants Home to the US" is a new migrant narrative written by Robert Irwin which discusses the process for deported migrants to return legally to the United States. We encourage you to head over to the "Migrant Narratives" section under our Resources page to check it out!

Giovanni Peri and Reem Zaiour for the Center for American Progress

A new report by GMC Director Giovanni Peri and GMC Graduate Student Affiliate Reem Zaiour finds that four different scenarios involving a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants would lead to up to an additional $1.7 trillion dollars to the nation's GDP and the creation of up to 440 thousand jobs.

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Erin Hamilton, Paola Langer, and Caitlin Patler Publish New Research in Duke University Press' Demography Journal

A publication by GMC Affiliate Erin Hamilton, GMC Graduate Student Affiliate Paola Langer, and GMC Executive Committee member Caitlin Patler was recently featured in Duke University Press' Demography journal. They discovered that "DACA was associated with improvements in the rates of low birth weight and very low birth weight, birth weight in grams, and gestational age among Mexican immigrant mothers".

Emily Vazquez in the Latin American Literary Review

GMC Affiliate Emily Vazquez was published in the Latin American Literary Review. Her paper focuses on the important facts and implications that can be extracted from the Lost Children Archive by Valeria Luiselli. One of the ideas which she discusses is how the Sonoran Desert has been weaponized by the United States government and is used as an instrument of border control.

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Giovanni Peri and Coauthors published in The Economic Journal

Using longitudinal data from refugees in Germany, GMC Director Giovanni Peri and coauthors Michele Battisti and Agnese Romiti found that "immigrants in districts with larger co-ethnic networks are more likely to be employed soon after arrival. This advantage fades after four years, as migrants located in places with smaller co-ethnic networks catch up due to greater human capital investments." The paper was recently published in Oxford University Press' The Economic Journal.

Giovanni Peri and Coauthor have paper published in the Journal of Labor Economics

Using Norwegian Data over several decades the paper shows that higher adaptability, the capacity to adjust to new environments and situations, and higher cognitive ability are significant predictors of the probability to migrate. Adaptability is a particularly strong migration predictor for individuals with low cognitive ability or low socioeconomic background.

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