Intergenerational Spillover Effects of Language Training for Refugees

GMC director Giovanni Peri and coauthors' work was published in Journal of Public Economics. Their research pertains to “the intergenerational effects of expanding language training for refugees.”  Their findings conclude differences between older boys and girls in lower secondary school/education.    Read more here

Contemporary Stories of Migration and Deportation

GMC Deputy Director Robert Mckee Irwin's article "Contemporary Stories of Migration and Deportation" has been published in Latin America in Transition, Vol.5, edited by Mónica Szurmuk and Devra Castillo (Cambridge University Press).

U.S. Citizen Children De Facto Deported to Mexico

Erin Hamilton a GMC Affiliate, Claudia Masferrer (El Colegio de México) and Paola Langer a GMC grad affiliate, have been published in Population and Development Review for their work on the de facto deportation of U.S. citizen children. This paper elaborates on the effects that deportation has not only on the deportee but the deportee's family as well. This correlates to the idea of de facto deported which means that the children of the deportee had to emigrate from the US, being US citizens, in order to have what is called family reorganizing, to have the family stay together.

Are Immigrants More Left-Leaning than Natives?

Giovanni Peri and his coauthors Simone Moriconi (U. of Paris) and Riccardo Turati (Autonoma del Bercelona) were recently released a working paper. They show that second generation immigrants in European countries have a tendency to vote for more left-leaning parties, relative to similar natives, after controlling for their characteristics and their country of origin. They then show that this left-bias associates with stronger preferences for government intervention and for internationalism and multiculturalism.

Taming Immigration Trauma

GMC Affiliate, Raquel E. Aldana, made a publication in Cardozo Law Review. This article talks about the United States' borders and its enforcement. Stating that the United States can be more humane and elaborating on two principles; the extent of the border's impact and human trauma, to serve as a guide. 

Read more here.

Anelli, Basso, Ippedico and Peri published in the AEJ Applied Economics

A paper by GMC Director Giovanni Peri, GMC Affiliate Giuseppe Ippedico and former affiliates Massimo Anelli and Gaetano Basso is forthcoming in the American Economic Journal: Applied Economics. Using data from Italy, they find that an increase in the emigration rate generates a decrease in firm creation in the local labor market of origin.

Read the full paper here

Angel Desai and Coauthors publish in Emerging Infectious Diseases

A new publication by GMC affiliate Angel Desai and coauthors was recently published in Emerging Infectious Diseases. They analyzed reports of hepatitis E outbreaks among forcibly displaced populations in sub-Saharan Africa during 2010-2020. They found that transmission was attributed to poor sanitation and overcrowding.

Read the article here.

Giovanni Peri and Coauthors in Labour Economics

GMC Director Giovanni Peri with coauthors Martina Viarengo and Taehoon Lee recently published a new article "The Gender Aspect of Migrants’ Assimilation in Europe". The publication details the gendered differences in labor market outcomes for migrants. 

View the full publication here.

Giovanni Peri an Coauthors for the NBER

A working paper by GMC Director Giovanni Peri and coauthors Mette Foged and Janis Kreuder on the integration of refugees by addressing labor market shortages was featured on the NBER homepage. They found that Denmark's recent policy that matched refugees to occupations with local labor shortages led to higher long term employment rates for refugees, suggesting that this policy could decrease the decrease the concern of labor shortages in the long term. 

To read the full paper, click here.

Giovanni Peri and Zachary Rutledge published in Sciendo

An analysis on the economic assimilation of Mexican and Central American Migrants by GMC Director Giovanni Peri and former GMC Graduate Student Affiliate Zach Rutledge was recently published in the IZA Journal of Development and Migration. 

To read the publication, click here.

Taylor, Charlton and Rutledge on Evolving Agricultural Labor Markets

ARE alumnus and Montana State University Assistant Professor Diane Charlton, recent Ph.D. graduate and Arizona State University Post-doc Zachariah Rutledge, and Professor J. Edward Taylor published a new chapter in the Handbook of Agricultural Economics titled “Evolving Agricultural Labor Markets.” It examines the changing role of agricultural employment in developing and developed economies across the globe.

Giovanni Peri and Coauthors Publish in the Journal of Public Economics

Last week, GMC director Giovanni Peri and coauthors published a paper examining the consequences on US workers of a significant return-migration episode during which at least 400,000 Mexicans returned to Mexico, between 1929 and 1934. They found that Mexican repatriations resulted in reduced employment and occupational downgrading of native workers. Furthermore, these patterns were stronger for low skilled workers and for workers in urban locations.

Angel Desai and coauthors publish in Dovepress

GMC Affiliate Dr. Angel Desai and coauthors have recently published an article for Dovepress' Infection and Drug Resistance journal titled "Antimicrobial Resistance and Human Mobility". From the abstract: "Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is of increasing global concern. Human mobility is one factor that has recently been associated with AMR, though the extent of its impact has not yet been well established due to the limited availability of rigorous data.