Policy Briefs and Reports

Rigorous research and detailed knowledge of facts and policies are the key components of understanding reality and suggesting result-driven action in any area of social and economic policy.  In our Policy Briefs and Reports series, our researchers tackle and explain one important current event or policy which has recently been proposed or voted-on. Each installment is written with the following goals in mind:

  1. Provide careful and accurate information about the fact/event and policy.
  2. Frame the potential consequences or ramifications of the event/policy in the light of the research we are performing.
  3. Provide knowledge-based and fact-based policy and action recommendations.

This series will feature pieces of different lengths and different levels of detail, produced by social scientists, health scientists, law scholars and humanities scholars. The pieces are tailored to interested policy-makers or members of the media world who are following the topics. They are organized in chronological order and they will be classified by sub-topic. The focus of the series is on facts, events and policies of particular interest to immigration and immigrants in the US and California; however, there will be also pieces relative to immigrants in other countries.

The authors of each piece are academics affiliated with the Global Migration Center and are responsible for the policy suggestions provided in their Briefs and Reports.