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Migration of Central American Minors to the United States

GMC Director Giovanni Peri and GMC Grad Student Affiliate Reem Zaiour were featured on Econofact regarding the increase of Central American adult migrants to the United States, which corresponds to the increase in immigrant minors and the overall migration of families. In general, the majority of Central American minor migrants moved to the United States with their parents or were reunited with them in the past nine years.

Read more here.


Spring Quarter 2023 Events

We are happy to announce the Spring Quarter 2023 events. To see the list of events, visit the “Events” tab on our webpage or download the poster below of the events. 

Congratulations Giuseppe Ippedico

We are extending congratulations to our program coordinator for two years at the GMC and our Postdoctoral Scholar, Giuseppe Ippedico. He has accepted a job as Assistant Professor in the School of Economics at the University of Nottingham, one of the top-ranked economics departments in the UK, and who is a Research Affiliate at the Institute of Labor Economics (IZA). He will be missed, but we will continue to follow his research.

Haz parte del Taller de Narrativas digítales enfocado en poblaciones Migrantes

GMC Deputy Director Robert Mckee Irwin and GMC Graduate Affiliate Lucas Ruppel will be presenting in a two-part workshop. They will present the first session: “La narrativa digital con enfoque en poblaciones migrantes” on Friday, March 31st from 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM. In the first session, protocols for community collaboration will be introduced as seen in the Humanizing Deportation digital storytelling project.

Fall Quarter 2022 Events

We are happy to announce the Fall Quarter 2022 events. To see the list of events, visit the "Events" tab on our webpage or download the poster of the events.

Members of the Humanizing Deportation Project Offered Legal Advising Sessions to Migrants

Humanizing Deportation, with funding from UCD's Office Public Scholarship and Engagement (Public Impact Research Initiative grant) and Davis Humanities Institute (Public Engagement Fellows Program), as well as the Law School, sent UCD Law professor Raquel Aldana and a team of her students to Tijuana for the weekend of March 25-27 to offer free legal consultations to migrants at several migrant shelters and also at the offices of Al Otro Lado, a migrant legal services organization there.

Winter Quarter 2022 Events

The Winter Quarter 2022 events series has been announced! To see the list of events, visit the "Events" tab on our webpage or download the poster of the events here.

UC Davis Students help Afghan Refugees Navigate Life in Sacramento

We would like to highlight the involvement of GMC Affiliate Patrick Marius Koga in Refugee Interprofessional Community Engagement (RICE), a program in collaboration with University of the Pacific and nonprofit Opening Doors that's assisting Afghan refugees in Sacramento to adjust to their new lives. Among the volunteers are medical students from the UC Davis School of Medicine and undergraduate language interpreters from UC Davis.

Daniel Costa on New York Times' The Argument

GMC Affiliate Daniel Costa was featured on The Argument, where he discusses the impact of migrant worker programs as part of a larger debate on immigration reform with economist Michael Clemens of the Center for Global Development.

Listen to the podcast here.

Robert McKee Irwin and Ernesto Zarco Ortiz launch the Migrar Informado Project

Robert McKee Irwin and Ernesto Zarco Ortiz of the Humanizing Deportation project, in collaboration with colleagues from Red Franciscano para Migrantes and Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, are pleased to launch the Migrar Informado project, with the publication of three informational videos to help migrants transiting through Mexico better understand the logistics of migration as well as their legal options in both the US and Mexico.

Franciscans International presenting "African, Extracontinental, and Afro-Descent Migration in Latin America"

Franciscans International, an organization which collaborates with the UC Davis Global Migration Center, is hosting an event focused on African, extracontinental, and Afro-descent migration in Latin America. Specifically, they will cross-examine the discriminatory practices of different countries in migration control towards these groups. We encourage anyone who was interested in the previous events hosted by the GMC to consider attending this event on July 7th at 8:00 am PT. For more information about the event, find the attached poster below.


UCPromISE Applications now Open

The UC Collaborative to Promote Immigrant and Student Equity (UC PromISE) is pleased to announce the second call for proposals for UC faculty small research grants.

Immigration Facts

A crucial impediment to constructive debate and discussion about immigration is the severe lack of knowledge about and acknowledgement of the facts, numbers and trends related to immigration. Many either do not know the facts about immigration, or choose to ignore the relevant numbers and trends. Our new series, Immigration Facts, aims to shine a light on one simple quantitative statistic in each installment, presenting it cleanly with quality data sources to back it up.