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GMC Affiliate Joanna Regulska named founding member of the National Academy for International Education

GMC Affiliate Joanna Regulska, vice provost and dean of Global Affairs, has been named one of 23 founding members of the National Academy for International Education, an honorary society and think tank. The first learned society of its kind, the academy comprises leaders in international education from all over the world, including Australia, Canada, China, Ghana, Japan, Taiwan and the United States. 

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Zofia Wlodarczyk awarded 2021-2022 AAUW International Fellowship

The GMC would like to congratulate affiliate Zofia Wlodarczyk for receiving this prestigious fellowship. Founded in 1881, the American Association of University Women has been one of the largest funders of women's graduate education, investing in women such as Zofia who go on to change the world. 

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Giovanni Peri and Coauthor have paper published in the Journal of Labor Economics

Using Norwegian Data over several decades the paper shows that higher adaptability, the capacity to adjust to new environments and situations, and higher cognitive ability are significant predictors of the probability to migrate. Adaptability is a particularly strong migration predictor for individuals with low cognitive ability or low socioeconomic background.

To read the full publication, read here.

Kevin Johnson Event and forthcoming paper features in ImmigrationProf Blog

On April 2nd, Kevin Johnson delivered the Jerome Hall lecture at Indiana University's Maurer School of Law. His lecture was centered around his pending paper titled "Bringing Justice to Immigration Law", which is soon to be published in Northwestern University Law Review. 

The paper focuses on the ascension of a strong immigration rights movement, as well as the Trump administration's opposition to it. The paper also focuses on the recent attempts to bring racial justice to immigration law.

David Kyle Featured in PolitiFact Article

With an expertise in the area of human smuggling, David Kyle was asked to comment about Katie Pavlich's claim that "the Biden administration is engaging in human trafficking...". One thing Kyle finds problematic with this statement is the misattribution of the word "trafficking". As Kyle explains, the situation is more reminiscent of smuggling rather than trafficking. 

Lizbeth De La Cruz featured in Podcast Series

Lizbeth De La Cruz has been gathering and illustrating stories for the Humanizing Deportation storytelling project since 2016. Recently she was featured on this month's episode of The Backdrop podcast. During her interview she discusses the origins of the project, its goals, and the role she plays in gathering and documenting stories. 

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Daniel Costa Featured in Mercury News

After recent rule change by the Biden administration, foreign workers under an H-1B visa will have to wait until 2023 for a boost in the minimum wage. This rule has proved to be quite controversial. One area of controversy is that "companies would be allowed to set H-1B wages based on purchased survey data rather than the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics wage estimates". Daniel Costa takes issue with this, claiming that allowing companies to set wages based on private estimates is an attempt at permitting companies to set lower wages.

Robert McKee Irwin Published in Inkstick

Biden's plan of comprehensive immigration reform generated grievances from many anti-immigrant activists and politicians. What is lost upon these critics is how the proposed legislation pertains to two separate populations of migrants: those who have been deported and those who seek asylum. Irwin illustrates that the difference between these two groups creates a necessary dissimilarity in the proposed policies of the Biden administration.

Kevin Johnson featured in the Sacramento Bee

The article discusses the recent increase in asylum seekers arriving at the United States. Tragically, many of these migrants are unaccompanied children under the age of 18. Ultimately, the responsibility to house these unaccompanied children will fall on the shoulders of Southern California cities such as San Diego. Johnson’s comments are found numerous times throughout the article.

To find out about what Kevin Johnson said, read the full article here.


Giovanni Peri and Coauthors Published in VoxEu

European countries have faced a longstanding dilemma of how to best integrate refugees into their economies. Some countries elect to teach language skills to refugees while others opt to assist in job searching. The article published by Dr. Peri and coauthors investigates the impact of teaching language skills more closely. What they found was that providing language training greatly increased the employment rate and wage rate of refugees, along with many other benefits.

Robert McKee Irwin has Article Published in The Conversation, The Telegraph, and Virginia Mercury

Irwin discusses the potential ramifications of Biden's proposed immigration overhaul. The most recent legislative pieces aim to end the practice of separating immigrant families. To illustrate the devastating effects that splitting family can have, Irwin features accounts from two immigrants who have fallen victim to family separation.

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