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Giovanni Peri’s Immigration Research Referenced by The Fiscal Times

The Fiscal Times recently referenced immigration research from Professor Giovanni Peri for an article, "Donald Trump Speaks with a Forked Tongue on Immigration".

Peri's research notes that immigrants tend to have different skills from the native-born population that complement the skills of the U.S. labor force and have only a small effect on wages. Immigrants make the economy more efficient by reducing bottlenecks caused by labor shortages, both in high-skill and low-skill areas.

Economic Impact of Refugees

This study uses a unique Monte Carlo simulation approach with microdata from refugee and host-country surveys to obtain the first estimates of refugee camps’ impacts on surrounding host-country economies and to compares impacts of cash versus in-kind refugee aid.

Giovanni Peri quoted on Bloomberg Benchmark Regarding the Economic Impact of Immigration

In a recent Bloomberg Benchmark radio podcast entitled, "The Economics Behind the Boom in Anti-Immigration Sentiment", Victoria Stilwell and Aki Ito asked for Professor Giovanni Peri's thoughts on the economic impact of immigration. During the podcast, Peri touched how immigrants shape the economy, and how are native workers affected when immigrants enter the labor force.

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Giovanni Peri's research quoted in Politico article on the demagoguery in campaigns

Professor Giovanni Peri's research for the Bloomberg News was recently cited in a Politico article, which discussed the demagoguery in the 2016 presidential campaigns. The article used the conclusions from Peri's research to discuss the reality of economic growth in the United States. It discussed how the promises for economic growth in the United States is a much harder feat than what the presidential candidates are campaigning.

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Caitlin Patler featured in an article by the Institute for Social Sciences

Assistant Professor Caitlin Patler, a recent addition to the Temporary Migration Cluster affiliate faculty, was profiled in an article by the Institute for Social Sciences. Written by Phyllis Jeffrey, the article highlights Assistant Professor Patler's research on immigration. Her research, which brings together the sociology of law, race and ethnicity, combines her experiences of 1990s California into a work with wide-reaching resonances.

Kevin R. Johnson interviewed in Insight regarding Supreme Court immigration case

Dean Kevin R. Johnson was recently interviewed by Insight, a Capital Public Radio program, regarding the United States v. Texas Supreme Court case. Johnson commented at length about President Obama's Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA) program and the potential outcomes of this Supreme Court case.

He commented, "It's very important to remember [DAPA] is not an amnesty.  It's not a path to permanent citizenship. It is a very limited relief from deportation, which law professors call prosecutorial discretion."