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Daniel Costa on New York Times' The Argument

GMC Affiliate Daniel Costa was featured on The Argument, where he discusses the impact of migrant worker programs as part of a larger debate on immigration reform with economist Michael Clemens of the Center for Global Development.

Listen to the podcast here.

Giovanni Peri and Coauthors Publish in the Journal of Economic Geography

GMC Director Giovanni Peri with co-authors Valentina Bosetti and Cristina Cattaneo have published an article in a special climate change edition of the Journal of Economic Geography. The article discusses the rise of local conflicts with rising temperatures and notes that emigration can function as an "escape valve" for local tensions, finding no evidence for an increased probability of conflict in receiving countries while decreasing the probability in sending countries.

To read the article, click here

Robert McKee Irwin and Ernesto Zarco Ortiz launch the Migrar Informado Project

Robert McKee Irwin and Ernesto Zarco Ortiz of the Humanizing Deportation project, in collaboration with colleagues from Red Franciscano para Migrantes and Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, are pleased to launch the Migrar Informado project, with the publication of three informational videos to help migrants transiting through Mexico better understand the logistics of migration as well as their legal options in both the US and Mexico.

Robert McKee Irwin for Inkstick

Robert Irwin has published a feature article, "The Biden Administration's Waning Credibility on Humanitarian Migration Policy: The Unethical Treatment of Haitians at the Texas Border," on the foreign policy news and commentary website.

Find the article here.

Robert McKee Irwin awarded a Grant through UC Berkeley's Health Initiative of the Americas

Robert McKee Irwin and co-PI Juan Antonio Del Monte of the Observatorio de Legislación y Política Migratoria of El Colegio de la Frontera Norte have been awarded a Programa de Investigación en Migración y Salud (PIMSA) grant through UC Berkeley's Health Initiative of the Americas for their project "Migrants and Covid-19 in Tijuana: Digital Stories," which they will realize under the auspices of the Humanizing Deportation project.


Publication by Giovanni Peri and Gaetano Basso Featured by the White House

GMC Director Giovanni Peri and affiliate Gaetano Basso had their publication featured in a White House article detailing the benefits of extending permanent legal status to unauthorized immigrants. Peri and Basso discovered that immigrants in the United States have a higher mobility response to local economic conditions than natives. This, as the White House argues, could contribute to increases in productivity of local economies. 

Kevin Johnson featured in the San Francisco Chronicle

GMC affiliate Kevin Johnson was featured in a San Francisco Chronicle article which discusses the Biden administration's initiative to replace "alien" with "non-citizen" and components of the new border policy. Johnson is observed supporting the change in verbiage, pointing out that "alien" implies something which is not human and thus not entitled to human rights. The change in verbiage is the preliminary step in ensuring the fair treatment of migrants.

Angel Desai named as Stephen M Kellen Term Member for the Council on Foreign Relations

Congratulations to GMC Affiliate Dr. Angel Desai for her recent nomination as a Stephen M. Kellen Term Member for the Council of Foreign Relations! From the website, "The Stephen M. Kellen Term Member Program provides young professionals in government, media, nongovernmental organizations, law, business, finance, and academia the opportunity to participate in a sustained conversation on international affairs and U.S. foreign policy.

Brad Jones for Lifegate Italy

GMC Affiliate Brad Jones' news mentions about migrant deaths in Arizona continue to proliferate. This time he finds his comments on the situation featured in Lifegate Italy. For our readers who are fluent or aspire fluency in the Italian language, we encourage you to give it a read! 

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