2024 Economics Alumni conference

A picture of UC Davis Economics alumni, 2019.

Event Date

Economics Department: UC Davis

This annual conference will discuss alumni research as well as provide opportunities to network and create collaborative relationships with current and future UC Davis Ph.D students.​​​​​​​ Please register here


Friday, May 31, 2024 ‐ Andrews Room, 2203 SS&H, UC Davis 

8:30‐9:00 Breakfast

 Parallel Session 1A (Andrews 2203 SS&H) 

9:00‐9:30 Shulkind: Housing First ‐ Charlotte‐Mecklenberg 

9:30‐10:00 Moulton: Returns to Homeownership and Inequality 

10:00‐10:30 Lin: Marital Matching and Intergenerational Mobility 

Parallel Session 1B (Blue Room 1113 SS&H) 

9:00‐9:30 Feilich: Monetary Policy and the Dynamics of Wealth Inequality 

9:30‐10:00 Herrenbruek: Liquidity and Business Cycle Redux 

10:00‐10:30 Teeple: Memorable Events in Financial Markets 

10:30‐11:00 Break 

Parallel Session 2A (Andrews 2203 SS&H) 

11:00‐11:30 Kumon: Gender Division of Labor and Structural Transformation 

11:30‐12:00 Rury: Self‐Gender Stereotypes and Major Choice 

12:00‐12:30 Demiralp: Sexist Reflections in the Media Coverage of the Fed 

Parallel Session 2B (Blue Room 1113 SS&H) 

11:00‐11:30 Gray: Price of Housing in the United States 

11:30‐12:00 Lovchikova: Steering to Better Choices: Association Between Choice Set Size and Dominated Option Choice in Health Insurance 

12:00‐12:30 Sandler: Associated borrowers, authorized users, and Impacts on Credit 

Andrews Conference Room 2203 SS&H 

12:30‐12:35: Communication from Elisha Findlay, UC Davis Development Office 

12:35‐1:30: Lunch Andrews Conference Room 2203 SS&H 

Parallel Session 3A (Andrews 2203 SS&H) 

1:30‐2:00 Van der Werf: Labor Market Effects of Granting Amnesty 

2:00‐2:30 Shih: Impact of Immigration on Firms and Workers 

2:30‐3:00 Ballis: Early Life Health Interventions and Crime Current draft: schedule may change 

Parallel Session 3B (Blue Room 1113 SS&H)

 1:30‐2:00 Imai/Sawada: Does a Financial Crisis Impair Corporate Innovation?   

2:00‐2:30 Quincy: Great Depression Bank Deregulation Wave

 2:30‐3:00 Bouvet: What Drives Media Coverage of Economic Inequality and Other Macroeconomic Development      

3:00‐3:15 Break 

Parallel Session 4A (Andrews 2203 SS&H) 

3:15‐3:45 He: Parachute with Work and Beyond?  Nonstandard Jobs During Trade Conflicts 

3:45‐4:15 de Lucena: Strengthening State Capabilities and Entrepreneurship 

Parallel Session 4B (Blue Room 1113 SS&H) 

2:30‐3:00 Ignatenko: Frequency of Shipment and Gains from Trade 

3:00‐3:30 Tyazhelnikov: Firms in Product Space: Adoption, Growth and Competition 

Parallel Panel Session 1: "Advice on the Job Market for Graduate Students" (Andrews 2203 SS&H) 

4:30‐5:30 Panelists: Ethan Feilich, Marina Lovchikova, Lisa Schulkind, and Cynthia Van der Werf     

Parallel Panel Session 2:   "Graduate School and Career Opportunities for Economists" (Blue Room 1113 SS&H) 

4:30‐5:30 Panelists Forthcoming 

Graduate Student Poster Session 

6:00‐7:00 Poster presentation and reception (Putah Creek Lodge, 685 Putah Creek Lodge Dr)

 7:00‐8:00 Dinner (Putah Creek Lodge)