Attitudes towards immigrants: the role of intergroup contact and social norms


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Speaker: Roberto González, Professor of Social Psychology, Escuela de Psicologia, P. Universidad Católica de Chile

This talk addresses the role that social norm plays in the process of fostering positive intergroup contact between migrants and host members in Chile, a country that has experienced a significant growth of immigration population during the last decade. We review literature and provide empirical evidence supporting the idea that norms are a key component when stimulating behavioral change and subsequently influencing intergroup attitudes and social cohesion. Finally, we introduce a new project that is currently being conducted in Santiago of Chile which aim to design and implement a field experiment aimed at changing pro-contact subjective norms and opportunities of contact in highly multiethnic neighborhoods with the purpose of encouraging intergroup contact, and subsequently improve social cohesion and intergroup attitude among migrants and host members living in those neighborhoods.

Jointly organized by the Global Migration Center and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

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