Developing Country Heterogeneity in the Brain Gain - Brain Drain Debate

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2203 SS&H (Anderson Conference Room) | UC Davis

To shed light on the Brain Drain - Brain Gain debate, we investigate the relationship between high skilled migration (HSM) and human capital in the country of origin.  However, we take the Global South to be characterized by substantial heterogeneity.  We focus on the decision calculus of households to invest in education and argue that they may be too poor for members to respond to the incentive structure – a liquidity constraint – or they may recognize that the investment in human capital provides poor returns should they be unable to emigrate – a disincentive to invest.  We find that although total human capital is still positively correlated with skilled emigration, the local stock of human capital is not enhanced.


Sarah Prince
Sarah Prince
Graduate Student, Political Science, UC Davis

Sarah Prince's research interests include, (1) the relationship between migration and human capital development, and (2) factors that impact the economic development and level of inequality in developing countries (internal and external factors such as, democratization, foreign aid, remittances, and emigration). Sarah worked as a teaching assistant for The Politics of Global Inequality, and is currently a Graduate Student Researcher for the Temporary Migration Cluster. Her goal is to work as a professor and conduct research at a university.

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