Farm Labor 2020: Technology, H-2A, and Immigration


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Kalmanovitz Appellate Courtroom, UC Davis Law School

This conference examines labor-related issues in California and US agriculture. Labor-intensive fruit and vegetable crops are almost 85 percent of California’s and 40 percent of US crop sales, farm worker employment has been increasing, and the H-2A guest worker program is expanding rapidly.

Three timely issues will be discussed. First, how are changes in technology and trade affecting the demand for farm workers? Second, how is the expansion of the H-2A program affecting the current aging and unauthorized farm workforce? Third, how are Trump Administration migration policy changes affecting farmers, farm workers, and agricultural communities?

We are grateful for the support of the UC Ag Issues Center and the UCD Gifford Center as well as the ALRB and the Giannini and Rosenberg foundations.  For further information, contact Philip Martin,

Registration closes on March 19, 2020 at 12:00PM.



8:15 AM Check-in and Breakfast
8:45 AM Welcome
Philip Martin, UC Davis, Helene Dillard, CAES, and Daniel Sumner, UC Agricultural Issues Center and UC Davis
9:00 AM

Demand for Farm Labor: Technology and Trade, (20 and 10 minutes)
Chair: Philip Martin, UC Davis

    Dan Sumner, UC Davis
    Stavros Vougioukas, UC Davis
   Stakeholders: John Erb, Driscoll’s, Rich Hudgkins, CCPA

10:30 AM Break
10:45 AM

Farm Labor 2019: H-2A and NAWS (20 and 10 minutes)
Chair: Daniel Sumner, UC Davis

   H-2A, Philip Martin, UC Davis
   NAWS, Daniel Carroll, DOL
   Stakeholders: Steve Scaroni, Fresh Harvest, Cornelio Gomez, EDD, Ruben Lugo, DOL

12:30 AM Lunch
1:30 PM

Immigration and Agriculture (20 minutes)
Chair: Julie Montgomery, ALRB

   What’s next for immigration?  Kevin Johnson, UC Davis
   Immigration and agricultural areas, Daniel Costa, EPI and UC Davis
   Stakeholders: Bianca Dueñas, CRLAF, Cynthia Rice, CLRA

3:00 PM Adjourn


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