Assimilation of refugee children in Colombia: a longitudinal survey


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2203 SS&H, Andrews Conference Room

Presenter: Tatiana Hiller (Economics)

Title: Assimilation of refugee children in Colombia: a longitudinal survey

Abstract: The global number of forcibly displaced persons has more than doubled in the last decade. By early-2021 over 100 million people had been displaced worldwide, half of whom are children under 18. Our understanding of this vulnerable group is limited, particularly on their assimilation process and overall well-being in their host countries. This project aims to answer two simple research questions: (i) What are the most relevant gaps between refugee and native children? (ii) How do refugee children assimilate in their receiving community? To answer these questions we initiated a longitudinal survey to follow a sample of Venezuelan immigrants in Colombia and a sample of Colombian children for comparison purposes. The first round of the survey was completed at the end of 2022 and presents the baseline from which to address the proposed questions.

Discussant: Carlos Brito (Economics) 


Funding graciously provided by UC Davis Gifford Center for Population Studies.

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