The Current Migration and Humanitarian Crisis in Chiapas

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Hart Hall Room 3201 | UC Davis

In the summer of 2019, Humanizing Deportation’s fieldwork team in Tapachula found itself in the middle of a major humanitarian crisis as Mexican authorities held large groups of migrants in Chiapas in order to prevent them from reaching the US border. Our team facilitated the production of sixteen digital stories by Central American, Cuban and African migrants.

We’ve invited Chiapanecan poet Balam Rodrigo, whose poetry draws from his own experiences with migrants, to UC Davis campus for an event incorporating poetry reading, digital stories by migrants in Chiapas, and a panel discussion on the current highly precarious plight of migrants in Chiapas and its relation to the fraught situation of migrants at the US Mexico border over the past year. The panel includes Tapachula team members: Ernesto Zarco of Universidad Autónoma de Chiapas, and UC Davis grad students Brooke Kipling and Ross Hernández. Event is free and open to the public (in Spanish).

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