Latino Migration and Trends in Private and Charter School Enrollments

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2203 SS&H (Andrews Conference Room) | UC Davis

We use three decades of demographic data on U.S. school districts to assess the association between growth in the Latino school-age population and the availability of alternative schooling options as well as white student concentration in schools of choice relative to traditional public schools. Results from our analysis indicate that growing Latino child populations are associated with increase in the number of private and charter schools within district boundaries. In addition, white students become increasingly concentrated in private and charter schools as the Latino child population increase, particularly in ‘nonestablished’ Latino school districts (where Latino children’s presence is historically recent).

Jacob Hibel
Jacob Hibel
Assistant Professor of Sociology, UC Davis

Professor Jacob Hibel received his degree in Sociology and Demography from Pennsylvania State University in 2009. His current research focuses on large-scale immigration's consequences for children, schools, and communities. He is particularly interested in the consequences of living and attending school in an immigrant-rich community versus one with lower historical immigration levels. Specific projects in this thread include examinations of cross-community discrepancies in immigrant children's disability identification, neighborhood influences on Mexican American immigrant children's academic achievement, and historical trends in migration, charter school enrollments, and public school funding in the U.S.

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