Occupational Language Requirements and the Effects of Immigration

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2203 SS&H Andrews Conference Room | UC Davis

I use individual-level administrative register data to estimate the impact of immigration on natives' earnings. Results show strong and negative effects on natives' cumulative labor earnings over 2006-2011 of the immigration surge to Norway following the Eastern expansion of the European Union in 2004. Effects are identified exploiting differences between occupations in the requirements for majority language skills. Native workers in language intensive occupations are protected from competition from new EU workers and serves as a control group for more immigration exposed natives. Results are robust to numerous specifications and robustness checks.


Maria Brunborg Hoen

Maria Brunborg Hoen 
Ph.D. student, Economics, Frisch Center and University of Oslo
Maria Brunborg Hoen is a third year PhD student in Economics at the Frisch Center and University of Oslo. She is doing research on labor migration, social mobility and entrepreneurship. She finished her Bachelor and Master's degree in Economics at the University of Oslo in 2012. After that she worked two years for the Norwegian Ministry of Finance in the Budget Department before she started her PhD. This fall semester 2017 she is visiting David Card at UC Berkeley. 


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