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Migration and Aesthetics Seminar series:

Speakers: Linn Normand, Ellen Opsal, Ali Dorani, Annam Azeem, Nikola Lero, Kimble Walsh-Knarvik and Silje Normand (Our Migration History Team)


Our Migration History is a community-based inclusive participatory project which seeks to promote learning on current and past immigrant narratives at the secondary, undergraduate, and graduate levels. The project encourages students to engage in inclusive participatory research in order to help collect, document and share minority lived experiences of immigration to Norway. In partnership with the Stavanger Museum, the University of Stavanger, the Dembra teacher education network, and Norwegian high schools, the Our Migration History project includes a dynamic team of students, many of whom have their own lived experience of migration and will be presenting during the Migration and Aesthetics research colloquium.  The research team also includes the award-winning Iranian cartoonist and former ICORN freelance artist, Ali Dorani, who has helped develop the digital storytelling part of the project. In this presentation, our team will introduce the Our Migration History project and  elaborate on how different aesthetic approaches were incorporated into the topic of migration, including sharing the creative process behind the project’s animation video and the choice and use of selected images in the photo story-telling activity. Illustrating the in-class activities we will also present personal accounts of migration from our team members.   We look forward to sharing our work with you!

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