UC Davis Economics, GMC and CPIR Ph.D. Alumni Conference 2023

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Andrews Room 2203 and Gold Room 1131 SS&H

UC Davis Economics Ph.D. Alumni Conference 2023


8:30-9:00               Coffee


Education and Social Mobility

9:00-9:30               Quincy            College Majors and Economic Mobility over the 20th Century

9:30-10:00               Shenav            Dynamic Effects of Education on Social Mobility and Intergenerational Spillovers

10:00-10:30             Smith                 Intergenerational Mobility in Developing Countries


10:30-11:00           Break


Data and Methods

11:00-11:30            Naven                 Sample Choice for Event Studies with Secular Time Trends

11:30-12:00       Miller & Manley     Backcasting Population Data in the 1960s with Supervised Learning


12:00-12:05        Communication from Elisha Findlay, UC Davis Development Office

12:05-1:00          Lunch


Parallel Session 1A: Children (Andrews Room)

1:00-1:30                Rury             Putting the K in Rank: How Kindergarten Classrooms Affect Short and Long Run Outcomes

1:30-2:00               Ballis                 Does Poor Infant Health Widen Racial Disparities 

Parallel Session 1B: Effects of Labor Market Conditions (Gold Room, 1131 SSH)

1:00-1:30          Sandler                Effects of Entering the Credit Market During a Recession

1:30-2:00           Wiltshire              High Minimum Wages and the Monopsony Puzzle


2:00-2:30            Break


Parallel Session 2A: Effects of Public Insurance and the Safety Net (Andrews Room)

2:30-3:00         Schnorr                  Separation Based Eligibility for UI: Implications for Recipiency, Duration, Earnings

3:00-3:30         Volkov                    Effect of Dependent Health Care Coverage on Parental Health Care Use

Parallel Session 2B: Migration and Intergenerational Mobility (Gold Room, 1131 SSH)

2:30-3:00             Lin                       Impact of Japanese Relocation and Internment in WWII on U.S. Agriculture

3:00-3:30         Sparber                  Immigration and Inequality


Closing Session: The Profession

3:45-4:15        D. Sandler                Diversity and Equity in Labor Market Outcomes for Economists


Parallel Panel Session 1: "Advice on the Job Market for Graduate Students"

4:30-5:30        (Andrews Room)      Panelists: Ryan Sandler, Derek Rury, Sarah Quincy

Parallel Panel Session 2: "Graduate School and Research Careers for Undergraduate Students"

4:30-5:30   (Gold Room, 1131 SSH) Panelists: Marina Lovchikova, Briana Balis, Shireen Al-Azzawi


Graduate Student Poster Session

6:00-7:00      Poster presentation and reception (Putah Creek Lodge)


7:00-8:30      Dinner (Putah Creek Lodge)

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