Jeremy A Rud

Jeremy Rud

Position Title
PhD Student

  • Linguistics

Jeremy A. Rud is a PhD student in the Department of Linguistics. His research broadly focuses on language in contexts of migration and asylum and addresses issues of asylum seeker credibility at intersections of public policy, narrative performance and entextualization, and speech perception. In his work he uncovers and challenges taken-for-granted notions of language held by institutions that act as gatekeepers to asylum seekers. Some of his studies have included a critique of a nonprofit’s narrative portrayals of former refugees, published in Narrative Inquiry, a caution against states’ uses of algorithms to evaluate asylum applications, a micro analysis of listeners’ politicized judgements of credible fear in asylum seekers’ narrative performances, and a review of language integration policies for immigrants and refugees, forthcoming in the Handbook of Educational Linguistics (2nd ed.).