Justin C. Wiltshire

Justin C. Wiltshire

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PhD Candidate

  • Economics
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I'm a labor economist, interested in why workers in some regions, cities, and neighborhoods thrive while others don't

My research explores how regional economies evolve, with a particular eye on the retail and hospitality sectors, which tend to pay lower wages and employ many workers. The sorts of questions I explore involve the dynamic interplay of local industrial composition, labor market conditions, housing prices, migration and other demographic changes, and government intervention (such as regulation, taxation, and social welfare policies).

I primarily work with large micro-data sets to conduct applied econometric analyses, and recent years have also seen me teaching economics at four world-class universities, working as an economist in the British Civil Service, contributing to a report prepared for an episode of This American Life, and working on a wide variety of research projects. I am currently a Ph.D. Candidate in Economics at the University of California, Davis.