Karla Rascón-Garcia

Karla Rascon-Garcia

Position Title
PhD Student



Karla Rascón-García is a PhD student in Epidemiology at the University of California, Davis. A few authentic moments with her will cause anyone to quickly realize how much she’s not like most humans. An uncommon academic, she’s been insistent on tailoring research and seeking opportunities to support regions from Uganda to Brazil. Vivid memories in Mexico permanently marked her with a stubborn ability to see the relationship between an animal’s health and people’s abilities to survive. Consequently, she has strived to be nothing except what the world needs, which is for Karla to be the full expression of herself: an animal health researcher. How or why then, her involvement on a research project that involves no livestock and links her to the Global Migration Center? Her first job as a kid was pulling weeds in the fields, and even while working on her Masters she valued making sure she stayed connected to her motivation: the migrant agricultural community. A community for whom misery is a perpetual option that’s never chosen. Humans and their livelihoods are her motivation; health research is the trajectory through which she gets to invest towards them.