Kimberly Prado

kimberly prado

Position Title
Research Associate II

  • Epidemiology
  • National Agricultural Workers Survey

Kimberly Prado was born and raised in Los Angeles and is a first-generation Salvadorian American. Her parents immigrated from El Salvador to the United Sates during the 80’s seeking asylum from a civil war. She grew up in a low-income Spanish speaking home. After attaining two bachelor’s degrees at UC Davis, one in Clinical Nutrition and one in Exercise Biology, she worked across Yolo County for three years as a bilingual community health educator, serving low-income and/or Spanish speaking families. Her Master of Public Health thesis involved delivering a healthy habits curriculum across Yolo County and evaluating the pre and post results from a state-wide dataset. As a doctoral student of epidemiology, Kimberly is currently delivering a mixed-methods sequential exploratory design study on the occupational health of farmworkers. Specifically, she utilizes qualitative and quantitative methods to evaluate workplace sexual harassment that has disproportionately affected women farmworkers. Her chapters build on each other to contribute valuable information on this occupational hazard among these marginalized and vulnerable workers. Her chapters include focus groups, surveys, and mathematical models among a sample of men and women farmworkers.