Europe's Migration and Refugee Crisis

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Moot Court Room | King Hall | UC Davis
Moderator: Madhavi Sunder 
     Associate Dean, UC Davis School of Law, and Martin Luther King Jr. Professor
Philip Martin 
     Professor Emeritus of Agriculture and Resource Economics, UC Davis
Giovanni Peri 
     Professor and Chair of Economics, UC Davis
Kevin Johnson
     Dean, UC Davis School of Law

This panel will address three major questions:

  1. What happened in summer 2015, and why did the influx of migrants lead to the failure of the Dublin and Schengen agreements?
  2. EU leaders say that immigrants are needed, and want EU countries to select immigrants rather than having migrants select the European country to which they want to move. Why is Germany likely to accept over 2,000 migrants a day who applied for asylum in 2015, versus two a day who receive Blue Cards as desired immigrants?
  3. What are the lessons of summer 2015 for EU and US migration and refugee policies?

This discussion is supported by the Gifford Center, IFHA Migration Research Cluster, and the UC Davis School of Law.


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