The Frontiers of Immigration International Conference

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ARC Ballroom | UC Davis

Immigration has a deep impact on the economy, society and culture in the US and in the World. This conference brought together top world scholars who have analyzed the economic, demographic, political and social consequences of migrations. Their research provided an in-depth understanding that is much needed to inform immigration policies. Policy advisors and experts discussed their perspective on the present and future of immigration reforms in the US.

Confirmed sessions and speakers include:

The Economic Effects of Immigrants
George Borjas, Harvard University
Christian Dustmann, University College London
Giovanni Peri, UC Davis

Foreign Scientists, Students and US Education and Innovation  
William Lincoln, Johns Hopkins University
John Bound, University of Michigan

Is the Second Generation Integrating?
Rubén G. Rumbaut, UC Irvine

Philip Kasinitz, CUNY
Jennifer Lee, UC Irvine

Round Table: Asian and Latin American Immigration and Migration Policies
Erika Lee, University of Minnesota
Natalia Molina, UC San Diego
Rose Cuison Villazor, UC Davis
Gabriel “Jack” Chin, UC Davis
Leticia Saucedo, UC Davis 


Migration and Economic Development in Sending Countries
Michael Clemens, Center for Global Development
Hein de Haas, International Migration Institute, University of Oxford

David McKenzie, World Bank
J. Ed Taylor, UC Davis

The Origins and Consequences of Migration Policies
Roberto Gonzales, Harvard University
Cecilia Menjivar, Arizona State University
David FitzGerald, UC San Diego

Marc Rosenblum, Migration Policy Institute

Panel: Innovative Views for the Next 20 Years of Migration Policies
Philippe Legrain, Author, European Spring
Manolo Abella, COMPAS
Kevin Johnson, UC Davis
Tim Kane, Hoover Institution

Concluding Remarks by UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi

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