Postpandemic Human Migration: Impact on the U.S. economy, agriculture and society

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Mondavi Center

Event part of the 2022 Research Expo organized by the UC Davis Office of Research.

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Giovanni Peri, Professor, Economics, UC Davis

Edward Taylor, Distinguished Professor, Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC Davis

Maria José Gutiérrez Jimenez, PhD Candidate, Spanish, UC Davis



Immigration has been a crucial force for economic growth in the US during the recent decades, bringing skills, abilities and workers that contributed to grow the US economy, innovate, produce. The covid-19 pandemic has deeply affected all aspects of the US society, including immigration, mobility and labor. Much fewer immigrants have arrived to the US in the last 2 years, and shortages of workers are affecting many sectors. Moreover we have seen the role of migrants in “essential jobs” and we have learned hos some jobs can be done remotely.

During the presentation we will give an overview of our research on how immigration mobility has changing after Covid, what processes have been accelerated in the labor market, in the economy and in farm labor and what Covid has brought to the light. We will also describe how the situation at the US-Mexico Border has evolved during Covid and how researchers from our center are recording stories of migrants and bringing them to the attention of UC Davis campus.