The Migration-Development Nexus and the Changing Role of Transnational Immigrant Organizations

Luis Eduardo Guarnizo
Published in
Ethnic and Racial Studies

The State and the Grassroots presents the results of studies of immigrant organizations engaged in transnational development initiatives from thirteen different immigrant nationalities in five countries of reception. The scale of this endeavour is unprecedented. The articles represent the fruit of a long-term project known as the Comparative Immigration Organizations Project (CIOP), which was launched by the Center for Migration and Development at Princeton University in the early 2000s. The State and the Grassroots makes significant analytical and methodological contributions to the migration studies field, particularly to the study of the migration-development nexus and of the relationship between assimilation/integration and transnationalism. This volume will be useful for upper-division undergraduates, as well as for graduate students and seasoned researchers interested in this field, particularly at this time of heightened anxiety about immigration and national security.

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