Human Ecology

The Fluid, Multi-Scalar, and Contradictory Construction of Citizenship

Author: Luis Eduardo Guarnizo. Citizenship has existed for nearly three millennia. Throughout its long history, it has been the main institution regulating membership in political communities and has provided the philosophical rationale and quotidian structure for the sociopolitical organization of societies and legitimate systems of governance.

Migrants’ Transnational Political Engagement in Spain and Italy

Authors: Luis Eduardo Guarnizo, Ali R Chaudhary, Ninna Nyberg Sørensen. International migrants’ cross-border political activities challenge singular notions of national citizenship and political belonging. This study recognizes the multi-directionality of migration, and tests the applicability of existing theoretical approaches across two different origins and receiving contexts.

Paid Domestic Work, globalization, and informality.

​​​​​​​Authors: Luis Eduardo Guarnizo and Guadalupe Rodriguez. This paper examines the local demand for, and the level of informality of, domestic help in the Sacramento metropolitan area of California.