2023-2024 News

Immigration's Effect on US Wages and Employment Redux

In a new working paper, Giovanni Peri and Alessandro Caiumi extend the approach used in the 2000s literature to analyze the effects of immigration on natives' wages in the US. Their findings show that the strong complementarity between immigrants and natives leads to increased wages and employment opportunities for native workers from 2000 to 2022.

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Let immigrants save the heartland

GMC Director Giovanni Peri's insights were highlighted in an op-ed published by The Washington Post. The article includes a segment from his interview discussing strategies to revitalize struggling areas in the United States.

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Errante: Imaginarios migrantes en primera persona

GMC Deputy Director Robert McKee Irwin and Ana Luisa Calvillo Vázquez’s, “Narrativas digitales con migrantes en situación de calle: reflexiones metodológicas” in Arlet Rodríguez Orozco and Sergio Prieto Díaz, Coords. Errante: Imaginarios migrantes en primera persona (Mexico City: Centro de Investigación e Integración Transdisciplinar en Ciencia y Arte, 2024), pp. 68-91.

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