Past Events

NAWS 2018

The National Agricultural Workers Survey (NAWS) was begun in 1989 to help DOL determine the supply of labor available to US crop agriculture so that, in conjunction with USDA estimates of the demand for crop workers, the proper number of free-agent RAW workers could have been legalized or admitted to prevent farm labor shortages. This workshop will review almost 30 years of NAWS data.
  • Andrews Conference Room 2203 SSH
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In Lady Liberty's Shadow: Race and Immigration in New Jersey

Based on her work as an engaged scholar and drawing from critical ethnic studies approaches, Robyn Magalit Rodriguez explores the impact of anti-immigrant local ordinances on a range of immigrant groups living in varied suburban communities.
  • 2203 SS&H Andrews Conference Room | UC Davis
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21st Century Coolies? Migrant Labor and the Law Symposium

This symposium, which brings together interdisciplinary scholars and activists together, seeks to explore the contours of the “coolie” experience in the 21st century to uncover its racialized as well as gendered nature, and the role of governments in perpetuating the coolie system.  
  • King Hall | UC Davis
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