Call for Papers: EARN Workshop on Integration at University of Copenhagen from June 12-13

We are happy to announce the first EARN Workshop on Integration. The workshop will be held at the Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen and is part of the five-year research program EARN (Economic Assimilation Research Network) funded by the Innovation Fund Denmark.

We are interested in empirical work on refugees and their integration into the host country. Impact evaluations of immigration policies, integration policies and various institutions affecting the integration of refugees and other migrants into the host country are of particular interest.

Dominik Hangartner (ETH Zurich, LSE)


  • Francesco Fasani (QMUL)
  • Tommaso Frattini (U Milan)
  • Matti Sarvimäki (Aalto U)

The researchers in the EARN program are Iben Bolvig (VIVE), Jacob Nielsen Arendt (RFF), Linea Hasager (U Cph) and Mette Foged (U Cph) and an scientific advisory group including Giovanni Peri (UC Davis), Oddbjørn Raaum (Frisch) and Torben Tranæs (VIVE) who will also participate in the workshop.

Call for Paper