2020-2021 News

Giovanni Peri, Kevin Shih and Chad Sparber featured in Forbes

February 08, 2021

Research by GMC Director Giovanni Peri, former Graduate Student Affiliate Kevin Shih, and External Affiliate Chad Sparber that shows foreign stem workers as responsible for 30 to 50 percent of the aggregate productivity growth in the US over a 20 year period was featured in a Forbes piece detailing the Trump administration's attempt at imposing restrictions on H1-B visas. 

Read the piece here

Giovanni Peri featured on Immigration Chats with Tejas and Kalpana

February 08, 2021

GMC Director Giovanni Peri was featured on the latest episode of Immigration Chats with Tejas and Kalpana, where he cites his research to provide a framework for the labor market impacts of immigration and dispels misconceptions related to the topic. 

Listen to the podcast here.

Op-Ed by Justin Wiltshire and Derek Rury featured in the Orlando Sentinel

February 08, 2021

A new op-ed by GMC Graduate Student Affiliates Justin Wiltshire and Derek Rury was featured in the Orlando Sentinel. They cite their paper on the economic effects of Puerto Rican migration after Hurricane Maria to outline how better immigration policy by the Biden Administration can be used to bolster the post-pandemic economic recovery. 

New Publication co-authored by Santiago Perez featured by the American Economic Association

February 02, 2021

The paper "Intergenerational Mobility of Immigrants in the United States over Two Centuries", co-authored by Santiago Perez, which finds that the children of immigrants have much higher rates of upward mobility than their U.S.-born counterparts was published in the American Economic Review. The paper was also featured by the American Economic Association in their most recent Chart of the Week series. 

Giovanni Peri featured in The New York Times

February 01, 2021

Director Giovanni Peri's commentary on the economic impacts of immigrants was featured by the New York Times in an article detailing the feasibility of the Biden Administration's plan to open pathways to citizenship for more than 11 million undocumented migrants in the United States.

Read the article here.

Raquel Aldana's Paper "Border Solutions from the Inside"

January 25, 2021

GMC Affiliate Raquel Aldana's essay discusses the potential solutions to the migration challenges of Central America's Northern Triangle that can be easily undertaken by the Biden Administration.

Giovanni Peri and Justin Wiltshire Featured in a Uniontrack Article

January 25, 2021

Giovanni Peri and Justin Wiltshire were featured in an article discussing the potential impacts of the Biden presidency on undocumented immigrants. The research produced from the UC Davis Global Migration was vital to showing that undocumented immigrants are over-represented in many industries deemed to be essential during the Covid-19 pandemic. Giovanni Peri and Justin Wiltshire comment about this research and offer other insights on labor contributions from immigrant workers during the pandemic. 

Research featured in New Zealand Initiative

January 05, 2021

Research on the labor market impacts of migrant workers by GMC Director Giovanni Peri was featured by New Zealand Initiative in an article debating the consequences of banning seasonal agricultural workers in New Zealand. 

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