Kevin R. Johnson's Commentary on Recent ICE Raids featured in The Mercury News

July 11, 2019
The prospect of nationwide immigration raids starting this weekend has spread fear in the Bay Area’s immigrant communities. Professor Kevin R. Johnson noted that "people are fearful of leaving their homes, fearful of going to work, fearful of going to school, fearful of going to the doctor, fearful of going to the DMV.”

Kevin R. Johnson's Commentary Featured in Pacific Standard Article

July 05, 2019
Professor Kevin R. Johnson's commentary was recently featured in the Pacific Standard article Motel 6 will Settle a Suit Over its Cooperation with ICE. Popular budget hospitality chain Motel 6 will pay damages of $10 million to former guests with Spanish-language surnames who were targeted in the company's cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.

Kevin R. Johnson's Commentary Featured in Politifact Article

June 28, 2019
Professor Kevin R. Johnson's commentary was recently featured in the Politifact article "FACT CHECK: Did Kamala Harris really disagree with Obama’s deportation policy?". Kamala Harris’ news release said that two years earlier, in 2012, she issued another "information bulletin" to law enforcement agencies clarifying that federal immigration detainers "are not mandatory, but are merely requests enforceable at the discretion of the state and local agency." UC Davis Law School Dean Kevin R. Johnson expressed that "the bulletin on detainers was meaningful," and that "it allowed local law enforcement agencies" discretion "to not detain low level offenders."

Kevin R. Johnson's Article "Why the Supreme Court asked for an Explanation of the 2020 Census Citizenship Question" Published on The Conversation

June 28, 2019
Professor Kevin R. Johnson's article was recently published on The Conversation. Immediately before the Supreme Court’s summer recess each year, it releases decisions in some of its most challenging and significant cases. On June 27, the Supreme Court decided Department of Commerce v. New York, a case exploring legal issues surrounding the addition of the question, “Is this person a citizen of the United States?,” on the 2020 census.

Kevin R. Johnson's Article "The Flores settlement: A 1985 case that sets the rules for how government can treat migrant children" Published on The Conversation

June 27, 2019
Professor Kevin R. Johnson's article was recently published on The Conversation. What are the basic rules that determine how immigrant children are treated in U.S. immigration detention? The Trump administration’s detention of migrant children in poor conditions along the U.S./Mexico border has repeatedly raised this question.

Joanna Regulska's Commentary Featured in Inside Higher Ed Article

June 25, 2019
Colleges are seeing increases in processing times for international students applying for work authorization through the Optional Practical Training, or OPT, program, leaving some students with job or internship offers unable to take up their positions on time. The times increased after January 2017 when U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services removed an internal rule stipulating that it would process requests for employment authorization documents within 90 days. "The bigger issue is why for goodness sakes is it taking so long," Professor Regulska said of OPT processing times. 

PIMSA Request For Proposals For Research And Graduate Student Awards On Migration And Health

June 20, 2019
PIMSA, a collaborative research program between Mexico and the U.S., provides opportunities for research that contributes to the development of evidence-based policies affecting migrants and their health. PIMSA is now accepting Letters of Intent (LOIs) for Research Awards and grants for graduate students related to migration and health topics. Please view the full announcement for application details and timelines.

Giovanni Peri's Article Published in JHR

June 17, 2019
Professor Giovanni Peri and Vasil Yasenov's article entitled "The Labor Market Effects of a Refugee Wave" was recently published in The Journal of Human Resources.