Caitlin Patler interviewed about the rescinding of the DACA program by Highly Relevant with Jack Rico Podcast

Caitlin Patler interviewed for Highly Relevant by Jack Rico podcast about the rescinding of the DACA program. If you are someone who’s been hearing about DACA this whole week and are curious about how it works and why it’s so important, we talk to Caitlin Patlershe basically holds a PHD in DACA, and has written several important papers on the subject. She joins us to explain in detail what you need to know. Then, what’s with kids cursing in movies? Between the Bad Moms 2 trailer and the IT clown movie, has Hollywood lost its values? And speaking of the new horror remake of IT, we have our FIRST REACTION of the film. Is it really scary and was "it" worth the wait?

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