Immigration Facts

The Global Migration Center is excited to announce our new series, Immigration Facts
A crucial impediment to constructive debate and discussion about immigration is the severe lack of knowledge about and acknowledgement of the facts, numbers and trends related to immigration. Many either do not know the facts about immigration, or choose to ignore the relevant numbers and trends. Our new series, Immigration Facts, aims to shine a light on one simple quantitative statistic in each installment, presenting it cleanly with quality data sources to back it up.

This month's Immigration Fact:

If one considers the very basic statistics related to immigration to the United States over the last 20 years, two particularly notable things stand out in the data. The first is the significant recent decline in total net immigration relative to the 1990s, and the slowing of its role as a driver of growth in the US working age population (ages 18-65). The second is that the net immigration rate among less-educated, low-skilled individuals has declined substantially from the year 2000. In the last decade, net immigration of low-skilled workers has actually been negative, implying more people in that category are leaving the US than are entering it. 


Download 20 Years of Declining Immigration and Disappearance of Low Skilled Immigrants 


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