J. Edward Taylor awarded $25,000 for research project "Structural Change in Mexican Agriculture and the Farm Labor Supply"

"Structural Change in Mexican Agriculture and the Farm Labor Supply" is a multi-year research project that will contribute towards understanding how structural changes in Mexican agriculture relate to a changing supply of Mexican labor to US and Mexican farms.

Over the past 20 years, the structure of Mexican agriculture and agricultural employment has changed, resulting in far-reaching implications for fruit, vegetable, and horticultural production in the United States. The project’s main objective is to understand how the future supply of labor to US farms and rural communities is portended by the long-term trends in employment and structural change in Mexican agriculture.

Understanding what is driving changes in Mexican agricultural is critical in making projections that will enable policymakers to adjust to the possibility of having a less abundant farm labor supply. Taylor’s research that focuses on these changes and its implications will continue with the support of this award.

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