Kevin Johnson published Op-ed on DACA and Supreme Court in Sacramento Bee

An Obama administration initiative, DACA provided work permits and protection from deportation for certain undocumented immigrants who came to the United States as children. Recently, a district court issued an order requiring that the safeguards against deportation and permits must remain in place while a legal challenge to the DACA rescission proceeds. The Department of Justice has taken the unusual step of requesting that the Supreme Court review the case immediately, bypassing the court of appeals.

Dean Johnson’s article reviews the legal reasoning behind the district court order. He writes that although the district judge’s decision was “sound,” it is proper for a case of this importance to be decided by the Supreme Court. "The rescission of DACA is an issue of national importance,” writes Johnson. “Moreover, the stakes for the noncitizens, as well as the states, are significant enough to warrant Supreme Court review."

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