Giovanni Peri's Research on Immigration and Wages Featured in Propmodo News

In the political climate of 2019, there may be no bigger, louder issue than immigration. While Europe faces its own migrant crisis, The U.S. has descended into a period of uncertainty and soul searching as politicians and the broader public seek to find an answer, and in fact even a general stance, on the subject of immigration from south of the border. This includes arguments over legal and illegal immigration alike; in many ways, the immigration issue is the centerpiece of the most contested, controversial presidency in memory. But for all the arguments and rhetoric surrounding the immigration issue, the facts are relatively straightforward. For one thing, research indicates that the link between immigration and crime is specious. What’s more, the impact of immigration on the property business appears to actually be positive. As researchers Gianmarco Ottaviano and Giovanni Peri put it while discussing their efforts in a 2006 paper, “we have showed that higher wages and higher rents for US natives are significantly correlated with higher diversity.”

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