Giovanni Peri quoted in BloombergView article discussing Jeb Bush's "4 Percent GDP"

In a recent article entitled, "Secret to Jeb's 4 Percent Growth Plan? Immigrants" by Francis Wilkinson for the BloombergView, Professor Giovanni Peri is quoted for an estimate of how much immigration must increase for presidential candidate Jeb Bush's forecast of a 4 percent GDP, under his term, to be true. 

Peri is quoted: "Well if one is only looking for growth in total GDP, then one needs a growth of labor force of 1.5 percent due to immigrants only. That will do the trick. The U.S. civilian labor force is about 157 million, this would imply admitting 2.3 million immigrants per year beyond what we admit now. This is a large number, it will roughly imply tripling the current inflow of immigrants, but it is not impossible."

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