Media report shows the 2016 predictions by Kevin Johnson, Giovanni Peri, and other UC Davis faculty were well-received

Predictions about 2016 trends in immigration, ISIS, education, U.S. Supreme court, public policy, food, and the environment, made by expert UC Davis faculty were well-received online. The media report showed that the vast majority (82%) of the traffic was referred to the new page through the UC Davis homesite. The user engagement was also above average, with viewers spending almost 3 minutes on the predictions.

Here is the breakdown of the online traffic, categorized by the website.


  • The article as it appeared on Buzzfeed was opened up to be read 2,000 times. 1,500 of those times was from clicking on the Facebook post. 130 times was from clicking on a Twitter post.
  • Approximately 400 of those times were from people sharing the link with each other on email or chat.


  • The number of people who clicked anywhere on the post was 2,400, which is 2.8 times the average for the fall quarter.  
  • The post had the second highest reach of any post of the quarter.  
  • Approximately 39,000 people viewed the post, which is 79% higher than average.  
  • The post showed up 70,000 times on users' feeds, which is 95% higher than average.
  • Visible engagement: 193 likes, 16 comments, 23 shares



  • The #UCDavisPredicts2016 tweets have generally done below average compared to other tweets from fall quarter.
  • Engagements have been ~40% below average, and engagement rate has been ~33% below average.
  • The ("We will forget hoverboards...") article had highly above average impression and reach on Facebook, but only average impression and reach on Twitter.
  • The post showed up on users' feeds 20,000 times, which is 16% below average.

Read the 2016 Predictions here