2018-2019 Events

MRC Faculty Symposium

In the MRC Faculty Symposium, the associates of the research cluster will present their research in a compact and thought-provoking way. They will touch economic, social, legal, and political themes linked to migration as well as historical and human-cultural ways of looking at this phenomenon.
  • International Center, Room 3119 | UC Davis
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The Economic Effects of Youth Drain

In this paper, Giuseppe Ippedico exploits a sudden increase in emigration of young and educated Italian citizens during the period 2010-2015 and analyzes its effects on firm creation, local productivity, and innovation.
  • 1131 SS&H Gold Conference Room | UC Davis
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The Humanizing Deportation Archive: History, Methods, Preliminary Observations

SEMINAR CANCELED: Professor Robert Irwin's presentation outlines the Humanizing Deportation team's collaborative research method, summarizes the experiences of their multi-institutional fieldwork and production team, and highlights some of the key issues raised by their community storytellers.
  • Andrews Conference Room 2203 SSH | UC Davis
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"The Short-Run Impacts of Immigration on Native Workers: A Sectoral Approach"

This paper by Zach Rutledge provides empirical estimates of the short-run impacts of immigration on the employment opportunities of US-born workers based on a novel sectoral approach. It will focus on six economic sectors with low skill requirements and high shares of immigrant workers based on panel data at the metropolitan area-year level of aggregation.
  • 2203 SS&H Andrews Conference Room | UC Davis
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